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Games I Played In 2010

A list of Games that I managed to play in 2010.

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  • Pokemon is a series I have a huge amount of history with. I was there in the age of Pokemon, when the kids became a phenomena because this series took the world by storm and to be honest, I couldn't be more excited for this game. Let's see how it is.<br><br>

    <B>Thoughts</b>: This game is totally good. If you have played a Pokemon game, then you know yourself what this is about. The game is a more streamlined game, but it's essentially the same game you have been playing for more than a decade and if you're OK with that, you're totally going to have a fun time with this.<br><br>


  • Sonic Colors has been getting such good reception from people post-E3 and now that the reviews are coming in, some a month before they should be, I'm quite happy to say that it's still getting positive reception and that it's supposed to be Unleashed minus the Night-time levels, which is fantastic for me, because I personally thought the Daytime levels of Unleashed were the best Sonic levels I had ever played in my life, on par with Rush for me, so here's to hoping this could be my favorite Sonic game ever, who knows.<br><br>