My Favorite Games

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  • Life is full of hard, sad, and depressing times where you find yourself not wanting to do anything. This is where Animal Crossing, and specifically New Leaf, shines. Boasting addicting gameplay and great villagers, the fourth entry in this Nintendo franchise has helped me through rough parts in my life more times than I can count.

  • Majora's Mask is unlike any other Zelda game, and that's why it's amazing. Focusing more on story and characters rather than innovative gameplay, this Ocarina of Time sequel is able to break the mold of genre tropes and tell an interactive story about sadness and coping.

  • Running around sunny beaches and vibrant amusement parks accompanied by one of the best soundtracks in any artistic medium is what I think about when Super Mario Sunshine crosses my mind. I can't think of a better game to play during the summer months.

  • Leave it to LucasArts to create one of the most groundbreaking installments in the adventure genre. A unique world that's fun to explore and great charismatic characters that inhabit it. By the end, you'll want to experience this Cinco de Mayo-inspired piece of art all over again!

  • Boasting complex puzzles set in a beautiful pre-rendered world, Myst is one of the most unique games I had the pleasure of playing. The atmosphere is top-notch and the music compliments the world of Myst itself. If you have not experienced this game yet, grab a pencil and some paper and enjoy the confusing, yet, satisfying ride!

  • Mario spin-offs differ in quality, yet, the Mario Kart franchise never fails to disappoint. Though many of the titles are considered the best, my personal favorite is Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe)! The tight controls, course variety and kart customization makes this one of my favorite with only the not-so-good cast of characters being the only negative of this otherwise great game.

  • An old-fashioned sci-fi adventure brought to life by the great BioWare! The second installment in the Mass Effect franchise may not contain as great a story as its predecessor, however, the great gameplay and fun chemistry create an experience unlike any other.

  • Two-dimensional platforming games are no doubt just a fun time. My favorite of the genre are the Donkey Kong Country games and more specifically, Diddy's Kong Quest. It expands upon everything that made its predecessor amazing and in doing so, creates memories that will be with me forever.

  • A picture can say a thousand words, and so can Team Ico's 2005 masterpiece. The amazingly captivating atmosphere is brought to life in a hauntingly beautiful story about loss that ends with the player in tears.

  • As a kid, I played this game countless times, always determined to finish it. And, as one figures, I could never truly figure it out. Years later, I revisited it and fell in love with not only the puzzles, but art direction and score as well. Definitely the point-and-click game I spent the most time playing.

  • While A Link to the Past is only okay in my opinion, A Link Between Worlds is amazing! I love the top-down view of the originals mixed with graphics and sound quality of the newer games. It's a simple title in the franchise, consisting of fantastic music and memorable characters that will last a lifetime!

  • What I used to call my favorite game of all time, Knights of the Old Republic is still one of the best RPGs ever made. Taking a beloved property and creating an all new lore to it, BioWare crafted a masterpiece of storytelling, one that still remains the best game in its respective franchise.

  • Whenever someone argues that video-games can never reach the emotional heights of other artistic mediums such as film and literature, show them this game. A truly stunning and emotional ride, Naughty Dog's 2013 take on the zombie game is able to shine above those that plague the genre and cement itself as one of the best games of all time.

  • Based highly on Ridley Scott's excellent 1979 film Alien, the Metroid franchise is certainly a unique Nintendo franchise. While I was never as big a fan of it as many other franchises, I can't deny just how much I love Zero Mission. The pacing, gameplay, music, and improvements over it's 1986 counterpart are able to elevate this adventure to amazing status.