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Personally, I would have "The Game Industry" win every year until it unionizes and sorts its shit out. But I 100% assume Athem is going to win.

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@therealturk: The actress is 17 but I'm not sure what age she is meant to be playing Ciri.

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I think I am the most interested in seeing the Midgar section of FFVII so even if they never release another episode of the Remake I might be ok with that.

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They did say in interviews that Elden Ring is gonna be open world but also Miyazaki said he's not sure if thats the right term for it. So who knows what its going to be like.

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Are we counting create-a-characters like the Dragonborn? If we are then I would probably go with the Nerevarine from Morrowind and if we aren't then its Link from the Legend of Zelda.

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@boozak: The smoke on the street is now that it's apparently either set in or inspired by Scotland rather than Norse.

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@militantfreudian: If the leaks are true then it kind of sounds like they are trying to make good on what they wanted for Dark Souls 2. So instead of this wheel and spoke map layout that ends with a castle, they are gonna make the paths much more open and it leads to a kingdom that will have that tight interconnected design that Lordran had.

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So, over the last couple of days there has been a bunch of leaks\rumours coming from places like resetera, 4chan, reddit and vaatividya about an up-coming FromSoft game. I'm not going to post them here because there are so many and they are all over the internet and who knows which are true and which aren't (if any). They range from George RR Martin being involved to it being Norse Mythology themed to it being an open world successor to Dark Souls.

In any case, what are your thoughts on the rumours? Are there any you particularly like or dislike? What would you actually like to see in a new FromSoft with or without GRRM?

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Kinda crazy that we're here. At the proverbial end of the road. I think whatever way this thing ends, it doesn't take away from the awesome moments of this series and the fact that a semi-fantasy/medieval sorta show was on HBO.. and a huge hit.

Probably won't get anything else like this anytime soon. Maybe if someone decided to do a high budget Tolkien based series (wasn't Amazon trying to lock that down?) but even then, to get this perfect array of actors and such would be next to impossible.

It's been fun dudes and dudets.

Yeah, Amazon is making a Lord of the Rings tv show set in the second age. It's being filmed in Scotland and is going to be the most expensive show ever produced.

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@jonny_anonymous: Well, that was the whole point. These bunch of humans arguing over who gets to sit in an ugly metal chair couldn't see past their own self-interests to the real danger. That their mundane arguments were completely irrelevant because the walking personification of the Ice Age was coming and death was following. Winter Was Coming. But apparently the Long Night only lasts an afternoon and now we're back to a bunch of assholes arguing about a metal chair again.

The problem with using "Winter is Coming" as a slogan for the oncoming apocalypse is that it's been the Stark family words for hundreds of years. Dozens of winters have come and gone, to the point where most characters have seen a winter or two before this one. It's mentioned frequently that this winter will be long and brutal, but people who have lived a long time (like the Maesters in the Citadel) know that there's always a world-ending event right around the corner, and that those events never actually end the world. I think it's more thematic and appropriate that these events are overshadowed by the acts of men and women; winters come and go, but in the end people are the really dangerous creatures.

A lot of people in GoT kept insisting that if people couldn't get past their differences and band together to defeat the dead, that none of it would mean anything; at the same time, the overwhelming majority of people, including queens, warriors, and scholars, brushed it off as naiivete and panic. Why does it make more sense that all these more experienced, and arguably more intelligent people, be wrong, and a few young soldiers of the Night's Watch be the most shrewd people in the world?

I think the White Walkers are more akin to a natural disaster. Natural disasters ravage a small portion of the world, a lot of people die, and there's a lengthy recovery period, but the lives of everyone not directly affected by the disaster are generally unaffected. If the White Walkers ended up being such a big deal, and everyone in the Seven Kingdoms had to work together to survive, it would turn GoT into something like a disaster movie, like Geostorm or 2012; but that isn't what the show, or the books, are about. Wiping away the entire history of political machinations and backstabbing just to say "but what if there was something even worse?" doesn't make sense in the history of the world, and doesn't make sense thematically.

The White Walkers are not a natural disaster. They are a man-made Ice Age, an ecological and climate disaster that is being ignored because of some petty rich assholes who care more about how much power they can accumulate and nothing more. These people are 100% not more experienced or smarter, they are just selfish people who care more about blood and privilege. The Night's Watch and the Wildlings are the most shrewd because they literally live at ground zero where it's happening. The Night Knight has been on the go for 80,000 years and has wiped out half a continent, the White Walkers have wiped out the Giants, the Thenn, the Children of the Forest. They had to erect a giant magic wall just to contain him and now the writers tell me he couldn't even make it past the first city in the North? Thats bullshit.

How could I possibly care about two assholes arguing over which one gets to sit in an ugly metal chair thousands of miles away now? Will Dany sit on the throne? Will Cersie? Will Jon? Who cares? It's irrelevant! It's just the same cycle of good king\bad king and non-political politics that have come before.