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Return of the Video Blog

Hey Guys,
Wow its been a while huh??  I explain all in the video so definitely check it out if you want!  Also, when I re-watched this I noticed that there is an excessive amount of profanity in the no change from my regular video blogs I guess.


June Video Blog

Hey Guys,

New VB, this time I pretty much just talk about Prototype, with a little bit of Infamous thrown in there for good measure.   Hope you enjoy!!



Breaking Video Blog

Hey Guys,

Jesus, this one is long...  If anyone has issues getting through one of this length, believe me I won't hold it against you.  Anyhow, I talk about some funny stuff, some depressing stuff, beer and of course Video Games.  It is a new Video Blog though, so I did have a good time making this one! 

Hope you enjoy!

16 Comments happened..

Hey Guys,

My worst fears came to fruition last night.  I was playing Gears 2 with my buddy Dave...Xero273..when on the screen I noticed green vertical lines.  I could still make out the vague outlines of the characters, but playing the game was just not possible.  I immediately thought of the problem that DeVeAn described when his 360 died.  I told Dave that I was going to reboot the system and see if all was well...and lo and behold it wasn't. 

On the screen I saw, "System Error"  E74.  So far I have found that it could be the A/V cable or just a general hardware failure.  Unfortunately this comes right before two of my most anticipated games.  Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter 4.   Hopefully I will get a replacement or repaired Xbox within the next two weeks..hopefully. 

VB coming soon guys..I promise!


Tipsy Video Blog

Hey Guys,

I am about 6 beers deep when I started doing this my motor and speech skills are definitely beginning to diminish...haha. 

Hope you enjoy!!!

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