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I Hate Madden

Madden. MADDEN!!! Its crazy how much hype madden gets. How many people waste $60 every year to buy this game. I cant believe it. Every year its practically the same. They add little things like new jukes and stuff like that. But it is the same game just different rosters. Which you can update if you have xbox live or PS3 online. It just makes me mad everyone is like this game is going to be the best madden. Well I use to buy maddens. Go and look at madden 07 and madden 08 maddens 07s graphics are the same if not better. What I think they should do is come out with a game called Madden. And you can update new game modes or new graphics and features over xbox live or PS3 online thta would keep everyone from wasteing money every year to buy practically the same game. And yes they should make the updates cost money but the shear repetetivness of madden is gettin on my nerves and I thik they need to take a drastic new direction on there games.



I know alot of people won't agree with me on this but I think within the next year the PS3 will be the bigger system than the 360. Why? Well becasue I' ve been watching and keepin up on all the latest game news for games that are coming out and things like G4 and Jeffs coverage of E3 they were all like "I was amazed by Fallout 3 for the 360" or something like that. Does any body get that it is coming out for the PS3 also. And just like assassins creed or any game that comes out for the PS3 and 360. On the PS3 the graphics will be better, if you have sourroundsound it will be better. And they will both have all the same features and game modes. It kinda pisses me off that when a multi platform game comes out all poeple talk about is the 360 version. And with PS3s bluray within the next year its games will be able to be much bigger, better graphics, more features, better environments, better everything. And I think eventually everyone will see that the PS3s software and hardware will be far above that of the 360. And it will take the lead as the dominate system in the market. People always say well 360 has the best online play. NO. That isnt true they are the same and if not the PS3 has better. I have both a 360 and PS3 they are hooked up to the same connectioin. PS3 gets a better faster connection. But 360 is better with mics. But the PS3 has better servers than the 360. But overall they are about the same. And everyone who reads this know that it is only my opinion.