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jorbear: Best of 2010

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  • No other game has had me in tears like Red Dead Redemption. Easily my GOTY. One of the most beautiful games I have ever experienced.

  • While I was saddened by some of the design choices they made, the refinements to the overall gameplay and story were great. Don't get me started on how awesome that last mission was...

  • I played this game more than any game this year, maybe more than any game ever. While some of the writing can end up feeling very cheesy, the singleplayer campaign is a delight to play and the multiplayer can make a lowly Bronze-Leaguer like me want to keep on playing.

  • Great follow-up to the amazing Civilization IV. Also: Perfect game to play while listening to the Bombcast.

  • Before I say anything about this, I didn't actually buy Cataclysm. Hell, I don't even have any of the expansions(yet). But the update that preceded it made me want to play WoW. I had hated WoW for 6 years, but The Shattering gave me sufficient reason to want to do these quests. Congrats on Blizzard on getting one more subscriber.

  • One... More... Bandage...

  • All told, this game is better than Fallout 3. If you are lucky. I was one of those lucky guys who played the game relatively bug-free. Easily recommendable and it kept me glued to my monitor for weeks.

    Also, Yes-Man.

  • With a lengthy singleplayer campaign and an interesting proof-of-concept of the multiplayer, how could this not be on my list?

  • This game is jank. But jank that I could not get enough of. The gameplay was bad, don't get me wrong, but the characters and story made it worth it for me.

  • The best example of a flawed diamond. This game could have easily been my GOTY, but I could not ignore the flaws. Still, you should play this game.