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Favorite 10 Games

Before I start, I would like to say that I am younger, to be vague. So I might not have all of the best oldies, but I'm trying to get there!  Lots of RPGs on the list, as they are obviously the best genre ever. 

List items

  • When I finished this game, I could not sleep. I chose what I thought was the right thing, but the consequences came out in a way that made me cringe. All in a good way though. This not only changed my gaming history, but changed the way I look at the world. Just pure RPG bliss

  • Although it took me a long time to get into, with enough patience I found a deep and engrossing world, full of interesting characters and locales. However, I'm not sure if I spent more time in this or in Oblivion...

  • If it wasn't for the sometimes ugly armor, this would be at the top. It says on Steam that I've played it for over 85 hours, and at about 25-30 hours each time, thats at least three or four times.

  • What can I say? This is the game that got me into RPGs, and at an early age. I must've played this game at least five or six times.

  • For someone who played the heck out of the first one, I was very pleased at Bioware's second installment in the Mass Effect Trilogy. It's just too bad that the story of this one didn't move the story arc of the overall trilogy.

  • Many people find the second game in the KOTOR series far inferior, but I found it to be superior in some ways. The story took a darker turn, the characters were more interesting, and provided some very nice gameplay enhancements. Although it was plagued by bugs, I managed to find a way to thoroughly enjoy this game many times.

  • Its interesting that an expansion can up the main game, but this one did just that. With a darker story and some interesting mechanics, Obsidian had got even closer to RPG bliss.

  • A game that really needs no introduction, and a game that personifies the saying, "The whole is more than the sum of its parts".

  • Another foray into the genre by Obsidian that did not disappoint. A great story, some interesting characters, and the classic DnD feel had me playing the nights away.

  • The nights of ridding the world of the Gauls, showing the Senate who's boss, and some wicked flankin' make this one of my favorites.