Game of the Year 2015 - Revised + Other thoughts

This year was probably one of my favorite years in gaming, which was unfortunate because it was also my final year of undergrad. From the months of August to late December my life was completely overtaken by school, this was also the time that my two favorite games of the year came out. So little time was spent on video games during this time that as of writing this, I still have not finished Metal Gear Solid V.

In the haste of the end of the year, I made a GOTY list that didn't exactly sit right with me. Mainly because it included Fallout 4. So, now that school is over and I've had the time to play other games here is the revised final 2015 GOTY.

Before beginning however, I will say that I am purposely not including remakes or remasters in this list, because the list would be very different if I did.

List items

  • Super Mario Maker might be the best video game I have ever played. I play it almost every single day for hours. Making levels is fun (even though everyone who plays this game can't beat my levels because they're awful at Mario.)

    The only complaint I have with this game is that the physics remain the same between Mario games. Although the more I play the more I understand why they kept the physics consistent. Going back and forth between the games would be too jarring of an experience.

    I also wish that Super Mario Bros. 2 was included. But again, I understand why it wasn't included. (DLC please?)

  • After my first session of Metal Gear Solid V, I was absolutely sure that it would be my number 1 game of the year... and then I played Super Mario Maker. That shouldn't be a knock against MGSV though, if anything it should be a huge compliment! The only game able to knock MGSV out of the number one spot was a game that combined, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. Which (of course) are some of the greatest games of all time.

    Metal Gear Solid V is the best Metal Gear game ever created (not my favorite though. MGS2 BBY I LOVE YOU). This game is the perfect mix of action and stealth, and the ability to play whichever style you prefer is commendable.

    Do I wish the story was better? Yes.

    Would I trade the gameplay for it? No.

    MGSV hopefully marks the end of the Metal Gear Solid series. A Metal Gear without Kojima is no Metal Gear for me.

  • This game made soccer enjoyable, and deserves a spot on this list just for that.

    I first played this game because it free on PS+, after a few hours I dragged myself to my computer and spent the $20 for the PC version. Which is the way to play this game, by they way. The PS4 version is fine, but boy that frame rate can really go to shit in the heat of the moment. Xbox One players I am so sad for the frame rate you'll have to deal with.

    The actual game is amazing, the first time I hit an aerial strike that scored a goal I literally stood up and cheered. The mutators introduced in a patch brought new life into this game for me and heck, just writing this right now makes me want to play.

    I don't think there's any hyperbole in saying that Rocket League could possibly be the best sports game of all time.

  • The first heavily story-driven game on this list. Max Caulfield and Chloe Price's story was so unbelievably well done that it made me believe in the Telltale style of adventure games again.

    Sure, the game can be a little clumsy and awkward in places but to me that just adds to its charm. The game's ability to create empathy through the soundtrack and writing of the characters is absolutely outstanding and so well done that only film could do it better.

    The time between episodes was almost unbearable, but when those episodes came I couldn't be happier. Waking up early, making a cup of coffee, and playing LiS was almost meditating. Ironic, considering the subject matter of the game is anything but.

    I am absolutely in love with this game.

  • To start, I would like to say something to everyone who bought Rock Band 4 instead of Guitar Hero Live: I'm sorry.

    Guitar Hero Live is awesome. Like Life is Strange made me believe in adventure games, GHL made me believe in rhythm games again. New songs are added to the catalogue every week and you don't even have to buy them as DLC. The weird micro-transactions that exist in the game are completely avoidable and not necessary at all to fully enjoy the game. The song catalogue is more diverse than it ever has been with artists from Carrie Underwood to Bring me the Horizon. Everyone on earth could play this game and find a song that they would like.

    The three column by two row fretboard makes this game the most enjoyable and challenging rhythm game I have ever played. (minus the ones that use an actual guitar.)

  • If you told me a year ago that one day Nintendo would make a first-party shooter and that it would be my favorite shooter of the year I would call you a liar. Splatoon just proves to me that Nintendo can take on any genre it wants and come out on top.

    Splatoon is the full package. It oozes style and gives 100% to its aesthetic in a way that I haven't seen since Persona 4. Also the music in the game is fucking rad.

    Also, I should play this game more than I do, it deserves it.

  • I finally played it.

    I liked it.

    I tried to date that skeleton.

    Undertale is a pretty awesome game.

    And no, it is not better than Ocarina of time, some of you need to calm the fuck down.

    The best thing I can say about this game is the combat system is pretty awesome. Dodging attacks in a turn based game by actually dodging the attacks?! Oh man, I was hooked from the very beginning.

    The characters are all memorable, the expectation of what you think this game is and what it actually is, is fun to witness. I loved playing Undertale and I plan on playing it a few more times.

  • This game.


    I really like this game. I wish more people played it.

    I bought this game after seeing it on an episode of Unprofessional Fridays and then made all my friends buy it. I haven't played this one in a while but I'm really excited to get back into it. The music, gameplay, and visual style is all A+++.

    Also wins the award for most confusing title.

  • Bloodborne might be higher on this list if I had actually finished it. To be honest, I don't think I'm even close to halfway through the game. The frame rate is kinda garbage, but the game is good enough to suffer through it. One day I'll beat this game, but until then at number 9 it stays.

  • What a weird thing this is.

    What a weird, awesome thing.

    Her Story feels like less of a video game and more of an art-piece.

    Her Story led to the most engrossed I've been in a video game this year. Although that engrossment only lasted for about 2 hours, it was a really amazing two hours.

    Everyone online has their own interpretation of the story this game lays out and all of them sound right. If you play this game, your interpretation would probably be vastly different from others'. This was one of my favorite experiences of this year.