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Jordan Hass' Top 10 Games of 2021

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Jordan is the host of the comedy podcast Fun Time Calls, he is a moderator of G4's Discord, and also has a Twitter where he posts "Goodnight Hamburger" every night before sleep.

Go to his website at

Hello Friends, this is Jordan. Most likely you have no idea who the hell I am (and probably for good reason, but I don't know), this is a GAME OF THE YEAR list, my favorite time at Giant Bomb, but also, this is going to sadly be my last "listicle thing" for a while as I try and work on my own website and things. 2021 really did kick my ass, as it probably did most everybody.

As always, I am happy to give my thoughts about the year of gaming, give my ten games, and then probably hit send, never to be seen or heard from again. Just a vigilante vanishing in the night!

10. WarioWare : Get It Together!

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When I look for a "Jordan Game", I always love those unique games that are easy to understand, silly enough and a bit innovative on their own. Wario Ware has always been that series for me, so something like Wario Ware this year was pretty fun, the main gimmick was using the characters and their abilities to do the microgames instead of just "easy controls", but in a very weird, meta way, it worked for me. Even though sometimes, I felt the characters were broken and the abilities Jank, it was well worth it.

9. Powerwash Simulator

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There is always a game out there thats a comfort game, for me it's Fall Guys. There is also always that "relaxing game" for when games are too sensory overload, to just relax for a bit and get your mind off things, just like "American Truck Simulator", I put "Power Wash Simulator" in that same criteria. All you do is hose off a house, or a playground or a mars rover... there isn't monsters, there was an attempt at a haunted house, but overall, it's worth the money to just turn on, tune out and wash away your problems!

8. Phantom Abyss

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I just want to state, for the record, I have not "won" a temple run yet in Phantom Abyss, I've gotten so close a couple times, but the rogue-like first-person temple run is just amazing for me, it has great Indiana Jones meets Legends of the Hidden Temple vibes, there is always an American-Gladiator style boss thats guarding the temple with an ability, and no matter how many times I failed, I still keep jumping back into this game.

7. Knockout City

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I am by no means an esports guy, I am bad at most multiplayer games in general, but a game that really did suck me in this year was Knockout City, a multiplayer dodgeball game, the back-and-forth action of catching and rethrowing felt so close to "Windjammers" that I felt alive as I still wait for Windjammers 2 to arrive. With a really cool aesthetic of rockabilly future, it was also something really interesting through a 3 on 3 battle, where we try and get multiball.

I did however dip out, because like most multiplayer games, I eventually am not as good as everybody playing it for hours-and-hours each day, so i just get dinged and, whats the fun in that?

6. Hitman 3

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Honestly, I forgot Hitman 3 came out in 2021. Hitman is just a really good series, and this one, while not "as polished" as the other two, still has amazing levels and puzzles to try and solve, and really fun things to look for. I am redownloading this game as I'm typing this, just to play it again because of a few levels i'm already getting nostalgic for.

5. Super Monkey Ball : Banana Mania

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Yes, it's Monkey Ball 1 & 2 for gamecube, but available for Switch, Playstation and Xbox. No, I didn't really have fun with Monkey Target like I did on Gamecube, however, I really REALLY loved revisiting this game on my PC. Sometimes a quick Nostalgia to games from nearly 20 years ago is all that you need, and while I do wish for more levels, and a return to form. Monkey Ball was still just a fun game for several hours at a time I really needed it.

4. Jackbox Party Pack 8

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Honestly, I love Jackbox Party Pack, but the fact this is the de-facto 'game to play over zoom during a pandemic', It did make me feel really uncomfortable going back to this game. Even though it's one of my favorite yearly events. There are five games, like every year. and each one a little quirky and fun. Here's my mini top 5 list within this top 10...

5) JobJob

Honestly, this game would probably be many people's "Number One" because all you do is write silly answers to questions, then take the words from the answers and make silly quiplash answers, so it becomes Poop poop fart fart vs penis penis sex joke penis. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

4) Drawn & Quartered

A murder mystery where you have to hide a letter into a weapon, and make sure nobody knows how bad you draw, or what sort of fake guest you bring. It's an enjoyable game maybe twice, but once people are aware you hide a J somewhere, it's pretty obvious.

3) Drawful Animate

Drawful Animate is silly prompts but now you have two things to draw, one frame goes over the other so it can look like it's moving. Most of the time, you'll be bad at drawing, screw up and the animation set will have an arrow pointing at something and then the next frame a giant smiley face and everybody is left confused.

2) Poll Mine

There are barely any "team" games in Jackbox, but this is a game where everybody ranks things, then it's up to a team to figure out the order of the ranking, lots of conversations that can fit in most primetime game shows, but ultimately, nobody aces the quiz, and it becomes just random luck if your friends prefer Cowboy Bebop over Naruto in an anime ranking.

1) The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

It's a quiz game with RNG. That's it. There is pretty good variety of games such as guessing the number, true/false, multiple choice to keep it refreshing, but most of the time, you're stuck at the wheel, and then you try and get the 'you win' wedge only to lose because bad luck. my luck is bad, heads or tails i'll return to this one.

3. Mario Party Superstars

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Now you can bring the Mario Party Party experience to ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Yes, it's mostly the same mini games from the 3DS "Top 100", however, the online mode in this game has been very responsive and at no point did I feel a latency happen when somebody steals my star, or boo steals my coins, or a mini game tells me i picked the wrong plunger and go explode.

2. Forza Horizon 5

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I never got game pass until this year. There is my secret I'm telling the world. However, HOWEVER, when modding the G4 Discord one of the hosts of XPlay, showed up and bullied me into getting game pass AND playing Forza Horizon 5. And I can not thank her enough for it. THANKS FROSK!

Forza is filling in a void I missed with Burnout Paradise. While it isn't fully destructable cars, and turbo is seldom used. It's very awesome hearing an in-game voice over say "Jordan" and a few mini games involving jumping a long distance or getting into a monster truck and going around a course, are just over-the-top in a way that I felt right at home this year playing it.

Sometimes bullying a friend works out?


Before we get to my "Game of the Year", here are five games I missed out on, but I do think they are neat and will explain a bit why.


I liked Steep, I want more games like Steep. This filled in that void. I don't know if it's on GamePass, but when that day happens, I'm downloading it. I want to smash my avatar's spine into a quarter pipe and hear a celery stalk sound effect!


I have played this. I just did not want to put it in my Top 10, because I felt that while it has Arcade gameplay, it is one of those games that is literally just a "rental" type of game, I played enough of it to get my fill, but it's not worth the price point currently, however that theme song is a real banger. LETS GO CRUSIN'!


In an ideal world where I can handle spooky and jumpscare horror asethetics, Inscryption would be not just a classic "Jordan Game", but it will be in this Top 10, everything about this game from gameplay I have seen, fits all my criteria of what makes for a really good game. However, I DON'T LIKE SPOOKY, SO I NEVER PLAYED IT. And therefore I can't justify putting it in my Top 10. However, if you like spooky, and you like card games with meta storytelling. THIS IS THE GAME!


I really like Deathloop, I bought Deathloop, but bad news friends, my computer can't play Deathloop. Luckily this year I did get a Series S for Christmas, so I think, knock on wood, I have a good enough console to PLAY Deathloop and have some enjoyment trying to do an FPS version of Mega Man, where I kill a baddie, take their trait and use it to the next villain, before some rando blows me up and I die.


Going back to the "Horror Game"/"I don't like Spooky" from earlier, RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE. I didn't play this, I watched a long play video, I skipped all the spooky jumpscares, the spooky doll area, the vampire lady people were a little TOO thirsty for. But wanted to get that story about Ethan, Chris, Rose and the town itself. Through all the spooky story, it's really a story about Chris trying to protect a family, and Ethan's attempt to keep his together. It is really story-rich, which is not something I expected to say because this is the franchise that had one of it's characters punch a boulder.

1. Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite is my Game of the Year. Yes, the multiplayer is a bit more like modern-day multiplayer with Battle Passes, Yes, the campaign did need a bit more tightening up and sometimes, getting shot in a hallway battle lead to throwing the controller.

But, something about this game, just felt "right", at least to me.

It seems lately, we've gotten into a real NOSTALGIA ride, Ghostbusters was in theaters, G4 has returned, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Supermarket Sweep got rebooted, people really in a Dune kick, The Matrix, Space Jam... we can continue this IP Funko Pop Economy talk later. But, sometimes there are games where the moment you pick it up, you just feel like you're at a great place. When Halo was really at it's peak, I was in high school, so a game like this really took me back to the time I said no to prom, but said yes to Halo. The Halo 2 launch that lead to people ditching, but I didn't get it until after school later that day, THAT kind of flashback experience.

Halo, the franchise, didn't really steer away from what made it such a fun Multiplayer game. Halo never really diverged in it's storylines, it's still "halo is broken, hey green guy stop them from doing a bad" like a Star Wars.

Do people still like Star Wars? Of course they do.

The only negative I have about Halo Infinite - I preordered the game for $60 BEFORE getting game pass. I didn't know it was going to Game Pass. I screwed up. Whoops. But that doesn't mean I am not having a fantastic time with Halo Infinite, even if it means losing 40 times before getting that one single W.

I hope this year, through the 40 or so loses you have, you can get that one win in your life!

I thank the Giant Bomb community for having this small platform to do this kind of article, even if I think only three people read it.

And while this might be my last one, I really hope to return someday to talk about the good things going on!

See ya later, duders!