Legendary Games Of Widespread Acclaim (That I Have Never Played)

Maybe the title is a bit misleading. I've actually touched a few of these games (Final Fantasy VII, GTA IV, and Starcraft) but I've never, ever been able to get through any of them. 
And from what I've heard, that's a damn shame.

List items

  • It's the game that put JRPGs on the map for good. A touching, engaging experience that put a whole new meaning to the words "video game cinematics".

    And I've never seen any of it.

    It doesn't help that my PSX had a very short life span (less than a year, if I remember correctly) that left me with no means to play this game, but even if it worked, coming across this game and paying for it was beyond me. Having seen release on PS3, though, I can venture forth into it for the 1st time.

    Whenever I get around to it.

  • I've never been much of a PC gamer, and boy, have I paid for it. Half-Life (and for that matter its sequel) are much vaunted as perhaps the greatest single FPS games of all time, let alone being recognized for its rich story, captivating characters, and crazy new technology. Once again, I've now purchased Half-Life 2 with The Orange Box, but well, that Portal is just so fun that I haven't actually gotten around to finishing HL2.

  • Another legendary JRPG, this time for the SNES.

    This is simply a case of where-the-Hell-was-I, as I don't remember ever hearing about or seeing this game in those SNES days: I was too busy with Sonic, Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Ryu, Ken, and a whole hell of a lot of other people. JRPGs just never caught my attention until I discovered the internet, and now it just bums me out to hear about this.

  • Name any GTA game. I haven't played it (or, in GTA IV's case, not much of it).

    The game that popularized the dark and gritty side of storytelling, and more or less defined the now-everywhere sandbox genre, was always right up in my face. But for some odd reason (indifference, backlogs, rebellion, whatever) I never, EVER got around to really trying any of them out.

  • You can't run into a gamer nowadays who has played this game and hasn't developed a frothing addiction to it. While not as ubiquitous as its grandpappy Tetris, it still manages to be one of those games that strolls its way onto "Greatest Games Of All Time" lists, and there are several heads in the gaming industry that would drop everything to get in a round of this puzzle action.

  • This list could easily be comprised of nothing but PC games, but there are few PC games that have held a grip on their respective communities like Counter-Strike has. This game is STILL referenced today as a milestone in the online multiplayer FPS arena, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

  • I've always had a fondness for the fighting game genre. While I won't be counting frames or determing move priority for the Ryus and Liu Kangs of the world, I can hold my own for the most part. When the Dreamsast launched, it brought with it Soul Calibur, a 3D fighting game revolving around the use of weapons. I've sunk my teeth into all the sequels, but the much vaunted "perfect" original has never come into my life.

  • Yup. Another PC game. But this one is more adventurous, to state the obvious.

    Grim Fandango stands as a pinnacle of the adventure genre. It's supposed to be hilarious, fun, and wildly addicting to the point of multiple playthroughs just to see it all again. Sadly, I wouldn't know.

  • One Mr. Shoemaker would be shocked.

    Considered by many in the gaming enthusiast press world as the best PC game of all time, Starcraft has a rabid following to this day, a whole TWELVE YEARS since it first launched. Myself being a fan of strategy games, it was only until the sequel launched that I've decided to bite the bullet and try this game out once and for all.

  • In a few short years, the God Of War franchise went from brand new IP to one of the biggest names in gaming. The Sony exclusive franchise is no stranger to success, since from the very beginning the game seemed to have come from the Gods themselves. The visceral action, the compelling Greek storyline, the triumph and tragedy of the protagonist, it all sounds super engrossing. I guess just not engrossing enough, whatever that means.

  • I grew up playing the Castlevania games, and enjoyed them. But, as I grew older and got into different gaming genres, C:SOTN somehow slipped through the cracks and went completely by me. To this day, I still mean to see what all the fuss is about. But on what console?

  • No argument in the "Games are art" debate is complete without a reference to Ico, the story of a boy and a girl and a quest to do....something. I wouldn't know. But after experiencing (and being floored by) Shadow Of The Colossus, I absolutely have to go back and try out the team's predecessor. If only there were a way to do so...

  • This beat-em-up classic is legendary for almost singlehandedly creating the genre. While I've played the home console - and inferior, so I'm told - versions of the game, the arcade original is widely lauded as a definitive experience for any self-respecting gamer.

    Man, where's an arcade when you need one?

  • I can honestly just chalk this one up to a lack of interest. A skateboarding game? Whack. There's so many other games out there to play, with stories and writing and cinematics and blah blah blah. Little did I know I was thumbing my nose to one of the most polished and easy-to-learn-tough-to-master games ever made. This game still shows up on those "Greatest Games" lists. Does it still hold up?

  • It's people like me why part 2 hasn't seen the light of day, and I sincerely apologize to the rest of you.

    And why haven't I played this yet?! It got stunning reviews, it's praised with great fervor on forums, it even draws favorable comparisons to what is probably my all-time favorite franchise , The Legend Of Zelda! Also, it's ON THE SHELF RIGHT NEXT TO ME AS I TYPE THIS.

    I'm a bit sleepy right now. But tomorrow morning, I've a date with this game.