Great moments in gaming: n00b gets his first win

Who'd have thought you could cancel someone's Ultra with a kick? Not I, I'd never done it before. And I can tell neither did the breathy, high-pitched kid I was fighting against by the way he shrieked "WHAT?!!!!" in protest.  
 I tell ya, that was all it took for his manners to go out the window as he started calling me idiot and belittling my tactics throughout the fight. This kid was convinced he was good and couldn't believe anything I was doing would be enough to beat him. Nevertheless, I stayed muted and took two straight rounds and my first win. 
I must confess, he was so rude I couldn't help but unmute at the end and rub it in with a little faked excitement, "Yes!! That was my first win! Thanks, girl."  
Anyway, I suck at SSF4. Just recently started playing. And when I could actually get matchmaking to work I was gettin slapped around. I was seriously considering giving up, still probably should. But this kid made my night and made the $40 I spent for the game worth it. LOL Thanks, kid. Wherever you are.


Matchmaking issues...Anyone know what's up with this game?

I've been almost unable to play this game online. I get into the first one, but then everytime after that I get "unable to join"...That continues until I give up and play something else.  I've noticed a lot of forums like this all over the web, but none that I've seen have had a solution.It has an avid community (which I'd love to be a part of) so the online must work. Can anyone tell me what's up? Is SSF4 just the worst matchmaking service known to man?  
Also, When I've gotten into matches asking to be paired with someone of the same skill level the system puts me against someone with 4K BP and almost 1K PP (I'm at zero). WTF!