A Song for Souls: Praise the Sun!

I've been playing too much Dark Souls II. I wrote another poem at work...


I've bitten off more than I can chew

This shield is too much weight to bear

I've asked too much of this grisly corpse

I understand now, nothing is fair


I’ve seen the light of burning truth

revealing the crook of an unburdened back

straight and narrow, straight and narrow

Whispers of a curse, dark and black


Praise the sun! Praise the sun!

Scream it loud till your throats are dust

We will say it softly when we finally hollow

And our beaten armor turns to rust

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A song for Last Light

I wrote a small poem at work today while doodling and thinking about Metro: Last Light. Enjoy.


Candlelight exposes our broken selves

Memories in shambles

Fallen comrades, brothers and sisters

Crumbling, deep beneath the Earth

Yet, as the candle fades

We remember the ones that yet live

Bound to the dark tunnels

And the horrors that darkness brings

So it is that we must be ever vigilant

Ever mindful

Of how it is we use

The day’s Last Light