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Oregon Trail Is My Gateway Drug for Red Dead Redemption

When presented with a vast array of options, I can often find myself latching onto one of the most minor and unimportant choices available. Call it a quirk. Red Dead Redemption, as many have pointed out, is a game that presents you with such a plethora of activities that distraction is a inevitability. This is far from a problem. 
Back in the day, Oregon Trail was the shit. I will not take arguments on this. Apple II-era trail-blazing with dysentery and losing your oxen in the river because you tried to ford it. Now, anyone that played the game remembers the hunting. It was a decent shooting gallery for the time but it was increased in importance due to the necessity that went along with it. I certainly never bought much food. I bought bullets and just hoped everything would turn out alright. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time gunning down buffalo and deer. 
Fast forward to 2010 and Red Dead Redemption. I cannot stop hunting. Anything that crosses my path dies, regardless of whether I plan on actually skinning it. I certainly don't need to at this point--I have more money than I'll ever be able to spend. But birds are so fun to watch fall and seeing a buck do a triple somersault never gets old. And while the necessity is gone, the hunting challenges are just plain cool now. Take down bears with one shot? Damn straight! Fight cougars with a knife? Hell yeah!  

   You going down buddy...
  You going down buddy...

Huh? Oh, the rest of the game? Yeah, it's pretty awesome.