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I just happened to see a story on Kotaku showing the Gamestop listing for Tony Hawk: RIDE. Now, as Kotaku smartly points out, these listings can often contain false information like the release date. However, one thing that Gamestop is rarely wrong about is the price. Makes sense, given their super-mega-ultra-hyper business nature...but I digress.

Damn you peripherals! DAMN YOU!
Damn you peripherals! DAMN YOU!

The listing shows a $119.99 pricetag for RIDE.

Look, Tony, I love ya man. Especially if we're talking back in the day. You've done some pretty awesome stuff. But your more recent entries have do I want to put this...lackluster. And at this moment--you know, the economic downturn--I don't feel that you're quite a sound entertainment investment. Sorry, but we're going to go another direction.

Anyone else suddenly less interested?