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Holy Crap! Mukaitoge tries to drop another Elebits and fails! 0

Last December, Shingo Mukaitoge and Konami delivered unto Wii owners the kid-friendly FPS title Elebits. The game was praised for its childish and colorful take on the genre as well as its unique assortment of “weapons” and gameplay mechanics. Keeping to form, Mukaitoge and Konami have dropped yet another kid-friendly title on us, Dewy’s Adventure. This colorful, squeaky, and exceedingly frustrating title certainly has all the right stuff to guarantee it clicks with the target demographic; howev...

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Holy Crap! A revolutionary 2-D RTS game! 5

Being a fan of the Real Time Strategy genre is tough. Over the last few years we have been presented, or perhaps I should say assaulted, with clone after clone of generic RTS titles. Oh sure, they’re not necessarily bad games, but they aren’t representative of anything new, either, only serving to provide something fresh in the form of a new franchise or storyline continuation from a previously released game. Developer Vanillaware has accomplished what I would have sworn was the impossible; crea...

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Holy Crap! 4X Sci-Fi Gameplay at it's best?! 3

The latest foray into the space-based genre of RTS games takes its form in Sins of a Solar Empire, the first and rather highly anticipated title from Ironclad Games. On the surface, Sins appears to be no more than a Homeworld or Hegemonia clone, but a closer inspection of the title unveils a simplified yet altogether brilliantly constructed 4X game. For those not familiar with the term 4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate, describing games along the lines of the Civilization an...

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