TF2 for mac

So excited for it. Finally, my macbook pro isn't just for making money :-) Also, I just got 3 new computers because my job was getting rid of a bunch of old stuff. 5 years for a PC means its the slowest computer ever. 5 years for mac? still running strong...


Braid is very good

definitely not throwing my controller... but I'm half way done with it and I only played for an hour... I got through the whole world 2 and 3 and half of 4, that includes puzzle pieces. Still, great game.


My thoughts of the Nintendo Press Conference as it happened.

This is from the beginning, some of it may be non-connected, but i was writing as the press conference was going. enjoy!

No Reggie! Makes me sad. I really don't care about this lady's snowboard. Oh, there's Shaun White... okay now I get it. Iwata... cool guy, really likes his casual games... On the DS, only game I ever play anymore is Brain age, and just for the Sudoku I like better graphics and more sophisticated games... Yeah nintendo, you do, but no one else does. Does that mean now mario and zelda?? Wii sells like hotcakes... if they were made of gold... hahaha, he used the phrase psychological barrier. Creativity and community is codeword for crappy games that appeal to non-gamers. New animal crossings.... eh..... okay, I'm down with the city portion. Text bubbles are still awesome. Wii Speak sounds pretty cool, it makes a lot more sense than the mic., uness your in a room where you don't want people to hear what the other person is saying. I wonder how it will work with the stereos though.. YES! Theres the Reggie. 5 billion dollars is a good chunk of money Think of the veteran Gamers! I'm part of the 1.2 million Ds' in 2004 so many numbers... lets get to the games... veteran gamers are still not satisfied. Oh gosh, 3rd party games are the worst... I don't care how much they sell, its like a giant lie. I want the hardcore games... what?! just 3 new games?! thats the worst ever. ugh,, and the first is clone wars... its bad enough I'm a little excited about force unleashed. this would be cool if that actually worked the way they say. oh gosh, new rayman raving rabbids. what the crap? so many casual games... finally, something not rated E.. I'm still getting Cod for the 360, theres no reason for the wii version. multi-play looks like a tacky add-on. why does everyone think of the casual games? why doesn't anyone think of the veteran gamers! Oh gosh, guitar hero on tour... a perfect example of a crappy game sold like crazy. okay, I like spore. still a no go for Guitar hero... if I can upload my spore creatures to my Comp. I'll buy it, but thats it... great... another pokemon, still casual... There it is! New GTA for DS. thats what I'm talking about. possibly a ds and wii connectivity? whoah, okay I'm down with that in the ballpark. this lady sounds like a terrible person. Wii sports resorts is not coming into my house unless it comes with... okay he just announced it, the game comes with the wii remote 1.1 again, this lady is the worst. cute dog... nintendogs on wii? nah.... waverace wii! again... nah... I want the race, not the go through the hoops. Swords? whats up with the non zelda? Alright, the Reginator! okay, pretty cool with the drums... but why play in the air when I have my rock band? then again this is free stylin, which is ballin... wii music, okay, cool. still casual, but cool.