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My favourite 2016 games

Right.. I don't expect anyone to stumble upon this list but in case you did: "Hey, hi!" I created this list to help me remember what 2016 games I have played and what I'm looking forward to or what I have not yet had the chance to play. When I have finished a game or played enough of it, I'll jot down some of my opinions about it and rank it against the other games I have finished. So if I haven't written anything about a game on this list, I haven't played it yet.

Also there's probably gonna be some games that won't be released in 2016. And I highly doubt I'll be able to play everything.

List items

  • All right... Yes, it launched "half finished". Yes, online was busted in many ways. Yes, some stuff is still missing or not working. Yes, a lot of the modes are quite disappointing. Yes, there's a ton of bullshit concerning this game. BUT! The fighting is so good and luckily that was pretty much all I needed.

    I am so glad focus attacks and ultras were replaced with the V-system. And bunch of other stuff from 4 that I never really understood got removed. On top of that the fighting and execution is streamlined and easier to grasp than before. Things do more damage, the combos are easier to pull off, you can't chip kill with specials, so on and so on. All these improvements makes the game more interesting to play and watch than, for example, SF4.

    To be honest, I wasn't that big of a fighting game fan before SFV. I was always intrigued by them and I actually played a bunch of SF4, Third Strike, Skullgirls and some other stuff but I never dared to play against people and only played the AI. And then SFV changed all of that and I really wanted to learn the game, get good at it and play against other people. SFV quickly became my most played game on Steam and will probably (or maybe "hopefully" is a better word) entertain me for years to come.

  • I love the Souls franchise to bits. I've been a fan since Demon's and have only missed Bloodborne since I don't own a PS4. I think the first Dark Souls is still my favourite of the franchise but DSIII comes reeaaaally close. The atmosphere, the bosses and the mechanics were all great. It's some Souls-ass Souls which is exactly what I hoped. It's a game I adore but when I try to explain why, I'm at a loss for words. Imagine me pointing at the whole thing, I suppose. Oh! And that final boss was so cool!

    I still need to finish my second playthrough and do at least a third one.

  • Machinarium was the first Amanita Design game I played and that game made me an instant fan of their work. Since then, I've gone back to play all their games from Samorost 1 forward. Their games have a certain feel that always gets me in a good mood, and Samorost 3 is no exception!. The game looks absolutely beautiful, the soundtrack is so good and I loved the sound design in general. The puzzles were pretty easy but I don't think Amanita-games are about challenging puzzles but rather about the journey. You could think of them as story books.

    I loved Samorost 3 to bits and I had a near-constant smile on my face through the 5 hours it took to finish the game. On top of everything playing through this game made me want to play through Machinarium and Botanicula again before the end of the year.

  • Oh shit, Hyper Light Drifter! This game is fantastic!

    In my opinion it evoked that top-down Zelda feel perfectly and mixed the deck with other cool mechanics. The gameplay felt really good and satisfying (granted, I played this with the 60fps patch and as I understand the 30fps version wasn't that good?). I liked the soundtrack and the game has styyyyle coming out of the wazoo! I don't think I can give this game enough praise. My expectations weren't that high but this game blew me out of the water.

  • I watched Dan and Brad play through the whole game before I even started playing Hitman. But that didn't matter, I still love this game. Going into a level, figuring out the target and their patterns, trying to chooce from the numerous cool ways to deal with them, taking them out, and escaping is really cool. There wasn't that much of story but I liked the little I got.

    Unfortunately, sometimes the game can feel a bit clunky. And I wasn't a big fan of the grind to get the mastery rating for the levels. Although I might say that the mastery didn't really matter, I hardly used any of the equipment I got through the mastery: I think I used a poison vial once and the remote explosive once. But at least I got to see how some of the opportunities played out. I completed one of the escalation missions and that was more than enough for me; I didn't think it was particularly interesting.

    But it was a positive experience nonetheless and I really enjoyed the game.

  • I initially thought that Stardew wouldn't be for me. I was never a Harvest Moon fan. But after hearing Dan continuously ramble about this game for a couple of weeks I ended up giving it a shot and it got me hooked from the start. On numerous occasions I thought "I'll just play through a couple of days before going to bed" and whoops, it's suddenly 2 AM and I'm still playing. I managed to get to the summer of the second year before I kinda ran out things to do. I think I'll still return to Stardew at some point to at least finish my second year but at the moment I'm somewhat burned out on it.

  • A really cool looking game with a really fun gameplay hook. The slow-mo makes you feel really cool and can be used to some real neat setups. Nothing like chucking your gun at an enemy's head, grabbing their gun from the air and then shooting them in the head.

    I enjoyed the weird story and the gameplay. Part of me kinda wishes Superhot was longer but then again I'm really glad it didn't overstay its welcome. And I feel like I got my money's worth so... that's good.

  • What a fantastic sit-down-and-play-through-in-one-sitting kind of game. I had prepped by playing through Limbo just the night before. And while Limbo was as good as I remembered it being this turned out to be even better. Sure it was simple and easy but I think that's not the point. I enjoyed it through and through. Also, I don't think I have ever laughed as much during a game as I did during those ending moments.

  • Doom's good. That's the best praise I can give it. I didn't love it but I didn't dislike it either. Doom is really good at its best but at times it can even get boring.

    To be honest, I would have had a lot more fun with Doom if I approached it differently. I started by going after every secret, every collectible, and every everything. This meant all the action ground to a halt every 10 minutes or so while I aimlessly wandered around the scene trying to find a switch or something to give me access to a secret area. And I felt obligated to do so because that's how you got weapon upgrade points. This was a huge bummer until about two-thirds into the game when I realized that every gun had only 1 mod I liked to use and I don't need to upgrade everything and find everything. At this point I actually started to enjoy the game.

    The other negative thing for me was the UI. It just felt clunky. Retrying the rune trials took too long to the point where I just didn't want to bother with the trials unless I got them on my first try. About 75% of the time when I wanted to open the map, the game opened a codex entry on Cacodemons or suit upgrades or some other nonsense. Add on top of that the fact that you don't have an easy way to tab over to the map and either have to click the map tab with a really unresponsive mouse cursor or close the interface and reopen it to get the map open.

    Despite all of that, I really enjoyed the combat and action. Doom's still a positive experience for me and a hugely positive experience if you factor in the fact that I expected this game to be god awful and boring when it was announced. In the end I did enjoy Doom but I'm not sad it's over.

  • I had no prior knowledge of Owlboy before its release and I didn't really know what to expect. I watched about 10 minutes of the Quick Look and realized this was a game for me. And it definitely was!

    It looks gorgeous, plays well, and the writing is funny. It's a good game all round. And just as I started to feel bored with it, I was heading to the last area.

  • Never preorder games, right? Right! I only break this rule when it comes to games I know I'm going to play hell or high water. This applies to series like Souls and The Witcher. My anticipation for No Man's Sky had real highs and lows so I waited to see it before buying it. When the PS4 version dropped, I checked the quick look and thought it would be a game I would happily sink dozens of hours into. So, I decided to preorder the PC-version forgetting the possibility of another Arkham Knight situation. Turns out, the game's running like poop, I get texture flicker and the framerate is sporadic. Granted some of this is because my GPU is starting to show its age.

    So.. After 11 hours and never leaving the starting system, I think I'm retiring this game until it (hopefully) gets more performance patches and I get a better GPU. I'll gladly return to explore the galaxy when the game's running better though.

    UPDATE: Got me a GTX 1060 and I can finally play this game. In fact, it runs pretty damn well. And now that the game is playable, I'm actually enjoying it. I'm not enjoying it so much that I'll be playing it non-stop but rather have it installed and chip away at it here and there while listening to a podcast or something.

  • This is a weird one. I like it for how much it reminds me of the Souls franchise and I dislike it for how much it reminds me of the Souls franchise. I like how it looks but I am also constantly struggling with the controls and mechanics because I'm thinking it should play and control like a Souls game. At the moment, I'm taking a break from it but I'll return to it at some point. We'll see whether it's this year or the next.

  • I hate what I'm about to write... I don't think I like this game. There, I said it. I recently passed the 10 hour mark on The Witness and forced myself to play a couple more. Then I saw that this game is about 18 hours long without the side stuff. This revelation was met with a firm "fuck that!"

    Don't get me wrong. I think the puzzles are good, the game looks beautiful and I really would like to see this through. But 20-ish hours of it is just too much for my blood, and I LOVE puzzle games. But I just can't.

    Maybe I'll return to the island one day and finish The Witness. Or maybe I'll chip away at it for half an hour here and there. Will I? You know, I really would like to but I probably won't. It's a cool game but it just left a sour taste in my mouth.

    I really loved The Witness for like 5 hours and then burned out very quickly. To me, The Witness is a prime example of a game over staying its welcome. Definitely the biggest disappointment for me this year.