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Bloody, fun, good old fashioned nazi disintegrating goodness. 0

Most gamers no doubt remember the granddaddy of first person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D. Although it was wildly successful, it was somewhat overshadowed by Doom's following success and most people often mistake the creepy tale of the lone space marine as the one that started it all.Then came the sequel, Return To Castle Wolfenstein. It not only offered a fantastic campaign with very satisfying gameplay and intelligent AI that really presented a challenge, but soon arrived a unique multi-player mod...

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A great tech achievement, but not much else. 2

I've been meaning to give this game a try ever since it came out, but due to lack of sufficient processing power of my prehistoric PC, I never could play it, you know, properly. However, recently I got a machine that's at least a little up to snuff, and so forth comes this review.First of all, as everyone undoubtedly knows by now, this game will truly put any PC to shame. If you're lucky enough to beef it out at high-res and all that jazz, you'll start doubting the level of detail on your room's...

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