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Last day at CBSi


Today will be my last full day employed at CBSi. I've been a senior software engineer at CBSi for the last 3 years. I've been involved with building a codebase among CBSi games properties, re-building gamespot, and working on giantbomb and comicvine.

I've really enjoyed hanging out in bug reporting, trying to help out with issues. I've enjoyed trying to make the site better - I'm a user just like you guys so I appreciate trying to make the experience as best as possible. Thanks to the community - our staff really cares! Post in bug reporting in a constructive way if you have site issues.

I'd like to thank the talented engineering/design team here in the games group for everything, it has been an honor to work with you all.

I'm now pursuing other things which are quite exciting, and I can't wait for the challenges ahead.

I'll remain a premium member here :)

Love you all,

Joseph Slack



Bug fixes: video playback, youtube, iOS and you.

Hey there!

Quick developer update here. Now live are a couple of fixes related to video playback.

First, we've seen bug reporting over time related to videos failing to load at all, showing just a black screen with no play button. The issue that has been resolved is related to having "Youtube" selected as the default option, as a user with adblock. 8/10 times, the video will fail to load under certain conditions. This should now work, yay. Of course there are still issues with certain extensions that are beyond our control, but a lot of bug reports have been left open because we haven't been able to identify this issue related to adblock and youtube, until now. So go forth and let me know if it's any better.

Second, iPad and tablet playback problems. You guys have had issues with playback relating to scrubbing, and fullscreening on tablet. It totally sucked. It's something Jeff has been asking about and I wanted to fix it. So, please, test away on your tablet devices, and report back issues. I primarily tested with iPad since that's what I have at home, so curious how it affects stranger tablet devices. You guys should now see native playback support, which means real full screen, and video scrubbing.

Curious to hear if it's any improvement for you guys.