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Pinball machines I have to own one day.

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  • This machine was played at the laser tag joint. Loved it.

  • Epic machine

  • What?!? No Black Knight 2000?!? What kinda place is this?

  • I guess this counts ...

  • Another game that BLEW MY MIND with magnets

  • I was seven, my Dad took me to a bar. I thought it was the naughtiest thing in the world. Even if it didn't have naked ladies on it. Again, I was seven.

  • School trip to Ashland University went south when I discovered this machine in the student hall. Eighth grade, and I whooped on some long haired hippie college dude's ass on pinball!

  • Like it so much, I added it to the Wiki!

  • Added a sick wiki post for this game, because it is awesome! First encountered this at the ITAM club here in town ... when I was like 7 years old ... yes, I had great parents.

  • April, 1996: I played this game, with full French language backglass, instructions and voice samples, on a school trip to Paris. Yes, even on the continent I dig a good pin.