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only for sick retronerds 0

Unintuitive, userhating shit game that only someone with a letter combination mental disability and a sickly retronostalgic obsession can love.  This game not only hates you, it ignores you. It shoves you into a world filled with no instructions and shit controls.  It boggles me how this piece of shit has become so popular....

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Broken but engrossing 0

If you liked Fallout 3 you will like this game. If you are like me you will not like it as much as Fallout 3 though.  Compared to Fallout 3 this game is severely lacking in athmosphere and interesting locations and buildings. The main story is not as engaging or well written as the one in Fallout 3 with a few exceptions. But the worst thing about this game must be the developers total disregard for giving the customer a game that works. Yes, this game is broken in helluvalot ways and continues t...

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Pisspoor calibration makes this unplayable 1

Light gun games as supposed to be light gun games. This is as far from a light gun game as you can come. This game is impossible to play with the OFFICIAL handgun cannon accessory due to calibration being very very very bad, making true iron sight aiming impossible.  If you want a true light gun game then do not buy this game!...

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