Video Game-Exercise

I have now since two weeks been changing my life a little bit, I'm eating smaller portions of food and more vegetables (I'm sick of being overweight).

But, I am also on a stationary bike 1-2 hours a day. Either watching Giant Bomb-videos or playing an actual video game. Just now I did a 40 minute exercise while completing 3 missions in Red Dead Redemption (still haven't completed it, I know), and I've noticed that while I'm playing a video game I'm not as focused at the strain of my leg muscles and can perform better, that's pretty cool. I'm gonna focus on doing shorter and with more intense resistance on the wheels about 40-60 minutes, and longer, 1-2 hours, with less resistance.

So, I might do another blog post where I talk about the progress I'll be doing, or maybe I'll gain weight and get less muscles, who knows. I'm not really sure I'll end up where I want to, but I'll still enjoy the course of this journey that lays ahead of me. 

Anyone taking an interest in doing the same? 

I'm now of to watch the Bulletstorm QL with a little less intensity.