Respawning is wrong

 Yesterday, while playing Turok: Dinosaur Hunter I realized a thing I hate in games, I've subconsciously always hated it, but only now I stopped and thought about it, and this thing is respawning. Anyone who played Turok knows it well, you kill a guy or a dinosaur and a few seconds later a white ray descends down from heaven and there you go, a new one is born right in front of your eyes! This is extremely annoying, Turok is already a pretty challenging game with its strange lives system, in an action game of that size, with limited ammo, and yet they had to come up with this as well? I see that some games have respawn but it's understandable, like in Mega Man when every time you change rooms every enemy is back again, but there's a huge difference there, the game style is different, and the form of respawning is different as well, they only respawn after you leave the room, and since Mega Man doesn't have any backtracking, it's doesn't really matter.

I could cite other examples as well, both good and bad, but the subject here is Turok, and in Turok I would like to have the option of creating strategies to try take minimal damage and reach the boss with the most ammo I can, and as healthy as I could. But everything needs to be rushed, and I often think to myself, "why bother? Just try to go through, I won't actually kill them anyway". I would suggest developers to put twice as much enemies than you normally would, but not use respawn, even make it triple the amount and I don't care, but don't be cheap and make the same guy reborn three million times if he had to.