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Top 10 Mario games

It's him, Mario!

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  • Perhaps Super Mario 3 was more of a groundbreaking release than Super Mario World, but for me this will remain as gaming in its true form. Not much to say except this game is perfect from top to bottom. Simple as that.

  • I'm counting all spin-offs as Mario games so this goes right here, on the top. The best non-main series Mario game on the best series created by Mario doing something else than platforming after Bowser to save the needful princess.

  • If wasn't for this game I wouldn't be the guy I am today, that means, besides being one of the best games ever, that this game is a good thing, or a bad thing. It's probably a bad thing.

  • Classic of the classics, of course this game is good, of course this game was revolutionary, of course this is one of the best Mario's ever created.

  • When you think Mario's main series was destined to go downhill this comes along, nice way to make us forget how not-good was Super Mario Sunshine--see how euphemistic I am?

  • Mario Kart 64 still stands as one of the most fun Mario games out there, playing with friends, playing alone, playing against the clock, you name it, it's fun even looking at it on the shelf.

  • Who says a game needs to follow its prequel closely to be a success? Changing such a venerated formula is a task only for the brave. Nintendo did it and they hit the jackpot.

  • I was wrong, Super Mario Bros 3 is not the classic of the classic, this is. That was like saying my father is more classic than my grandfather.

  • Can't resist a party, not one thrown by Mario, this is probably the finest party Mario has ever done, and judging by the more recent parties Mario has thrown, it will be his best for a long while.

  • Though this game is very recent there's no denying that some right has been done here, the platforming is still there, with modern graphics and physics, with Yoshi, multiplayer included, new gameplay elements, side challenges that are quite good, one of the most epic final battles in Mario's history. This game has earned a place here.