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Top 10 Nintendo DS games

Personal favorites for this great system with two screens, twice the awesomeness!

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  • The question here is not if you're going to like this game, or if this game is good, or if this new installment will please newcomers and long-time fans alike. The question here is, are man enough for this game? If you are then it's time to step up and apply, soldier! If you're not, go buy Wii Fit and have your fun.

  • All right, I know, this is not like the classic Super Mario Bros., but it never intended to be. This game has a more loosy gameplay style and some key differences, but you know what? It's a great Mario game nevertheless. It's like I always say, just can't get enough of Mario.

  • I must be sincere, the first two generations of Pokemon are unforgettable, the 3rd generation, the Advance generation, was the worst for me, I was hoping this to be better but something was telling me Pokemon was destined to go downhill. Fortunately I was wrong and this game is much better overall than the Advance generation ones.

  • This is one of my most revered surprises along the way in my Nintendo DS gaming path. You don't play this game, this game plays you, many great memorable characters, an amazing leading characters, a nice intriguing story and all presented in a stylish noir style; having this game inserted in your DS is like having glue in your hands while holding the handheld. This game too left me a bad feeling when it was over, It was hard to let go such a great experience.

  • This is what I'm talking about, folks! This game breathes and lives Nintendo DS, it has Nintendo DS written all over it. If you've wondered about how innovative games, and most importantly platformers, should work on the Nintendo DS, this is the answer! Developers and even Nintendo should take note, why hasn't a sequel been released yet is beyond me.

  • What? A remake of one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had? I'm sold! And everything about this release is just the way a fan would want, a fresh new skin in a timeless classic. this stands as the ultimate Pokemon experience, not only because it's a remake of the golden era of Pokemon, but because you can catch almost every Pokemon in it, sounds like "they should have done since the beginning" kind of statement.

  • First things first, this is Resident Evil, the original, in handheld format, what's not to like? All the creepiness and cheesiness of this classic are there with some added bonus abusing the Nintendo DS's capabilities. I, as a Resident Evil fanatic, can't fool myself into not putting it on the list, as much as I can't fool myself that I stink of bias and fanboysm. I can live with that.

  • This is Castlevania like Castlevania was meant to be, in 2D, with a big dark world waiting to be explored. This is Castlevania's finest moment on the Nintendo DS, but all three games are rock solid and deserve a play through. Just remember to keep the 2D platforming flame burning.

  • Who would have thought a game simulating a court room could be this awesome? Certainly not me, at least not until I played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. This game has that undeniable charm, memorable characters, speaking like they're actually talking to you, interesting cases lasting the right amount of time and having the right number of twists in them. I couldn't help but feel bad about reaching the end of it, it was hard to let go.

  • This is one of those games that "fits the Nintendo DS", most games can receive that title, but this is no exception, Professor Layton introduces a light but interesting story to back up all those well thought-out puzzles, and that's the beauty of it. Solving puzzles for a cause, nothing more heroic than that.