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Top 20 Nintendo 64

Personal favorites released for the Nintendo 64.

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  • What is this? This is the game that made me forget about the World Cup--and that's saying a lot. After reading about it in a magazine it was love at first sight, the game resembling the almighty Super Mario 64 could be the long-waited gap-filling game until the next Mario. It ended being a lot more than that. Banjo-Kazooie is a lifetime experience, of course it was based upon Super Mario 64, but it introduced enough gameplay elements to make us all forget about that. Probably the best game I've ever played along with Donkey Kong Country, which ironically at the time, was used to support this game's potential.

  • Come on, tell me a game that proportionate this much freedom for the player? It's hard to imagine how a game, in the primordial era of 3D gaming, could start this awesome. Maybe 3D at the time was all about a simple rule, offer more than needed freedom to gamers, now 3D is ordinary, as mechanical as most second-class 2D platformers back in the day. You have enormous worlds full of possibilities and six starts to collect in each of them, how you're going to do it is all up to you. May the gods bless freedom.

  • Rare is an amazing developer, and I don't use it in the past tense, I still believe they're capable of wonders when it comes to games that don't necessarily rely on shooting and killing. Goldeneye 007 does base itself on shooting and killing, but Rare does it like no other ever did, a movie-based video-game that's actually good? Nonsense. Not quite, this game is better than the movie, this game would be better than the novel--had it had a Goldeneye novel to base upon--and this game is better than any FPS ever released, yes, it still is, I'm that extreme.

  • This game has a special place in my heart, mainly because of some mishaps occurred with me and my copy of this game. The game itself was one of my most waited releases of a video-game ever, being a Donkey Kong Country maniac in my youth was more than enough to get me incredibly excited over this game. I played this like there was no tomorrow. This game is surprisingly dark as well, I wonder why's that, not that this is a problem, it turned a very good thing.

  • I often can't decide between Ocarina and Majora, often I decide in favor of Majora, with a darker edge, this game is a great sequel. No, no cries for the "I want an Ocarina sequel done properly", every game is a game, every Zelda is a Zelda, that's the beauty of it. Go on hero, go on and defy the established order.

  • Good old Zelda debut in 3D, a game to be remembered. I, like basically almost anyone who played it, love this game, and why wouldn't they, this game succeeds at everything it tries, and it tries hard. Certainly an experience every gamer should go through.

  • The 3D version of Wave Race helped it establish itself as one of the big Nintendo's secondary franchises, being released right at the kick-off of Nintendo 64's lifespan, it was bound to success, not because at the time you didn't have many better games, but because it helped receive the attention it deserves. Now, it stands as a classic, and a game that survived the test of time.

  • I like when that happens, when somewhat unknown debuting games turn out better than you expect. 1080° Snowboarding's debut had a simple premise, it was a snowboarding game with simple controls, some interesting characters full of personality, some mandatory yet nice developed game modes, and secrets to keep you playing until every single of them was unveiled. Good enough, we have a game that has a soul, memorable courses and one of the best racing/snowboarding games ever.

  • This is in many aspects superior to Mario Kart 64, it's certainly superior to any Mario Kart post Mario Kart 64. But the duel between its kart game counterpart is fierce. Those fans of Donkey Kong have a spacial chance to be happy about it, and the light story surrounding all the racing and silver coin collecting sounds enough, nothing overdone, and with great gameplay. If you have to mimic Mario Kart 64 you better do it right and expand the genre, Diddy Kong Racing took note and applied the concept. Yes sir!

  • This is the classic party game to play with everyone, it's fun even today, it doesn't matter if you're new to video-games or dislike them for some reason, the board game and mini-games contained here are more than enough to keep a group amused. This is probably the best version of Mario Party which after this only went downhill, the first installment is pretty nice as well.