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Transcendental 0

Eden refuses to be a regular game. It makes you forget about yourself and your thoughts by merging your consciousness into living, breathing, organic landscapes. Through ecstatic, sensory overload you lose the mind that labels and tries to define things, and your playful, child-like consciousness comes through.  I thought Eden would be a simple, beautiful rail shooter. When I got into it though, I truly felt what it was; it was everything. Eden dissolves genre. The cursor is just a means of conn...

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"Everything's fine." 1

'El Shaddai' is ancient Hebrew for 'the word of God'. It is a game where you play the role of a human named Enoch who was so angelic on earth that he got called up to heaven to work as a scribe for God. The dilemma that the player-character gets thrown into revolves around seven fallen angels. The story is complex/ambiguous to say the least, but the basic idea in El Shaddai is that God created the world and then 'called it a day'. The angels in heaven had other ideas though and began to get a bi...

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Apples in a basket. 0

 Kaboom! is an interesting example of narrative in Video Games. I will breifly examine the narrative and its inherent schism.  First there is the symbolic story. This is communicated to the Player first and foremost by the images and their relationship. You have the Mad Bomber 'at the top of the screen' (Or is it on the opposite side?) who is throwing bombs 'down' (Or is across?) seemingly to blow you up, or blow the whole environment up...Or something beyond the environment (Though it is sugges...

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Magical. 0

  In Picross 3D you play the role of an omniscient paleontologist who is presented with many mysterious stone cubes. These stone cubes are like living puzzles that require careful observation and investigation with the DS's stylus. The stylus is like a sculpting tool allowing you to chip away at the stone, voxel by voxel, until you have created a unique form that pops out like a living fossil! It could be anything...A comfy bed, a rocking horse, a coffee grinder; there are literally hundreds of ...

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Transcends the Platformer. 0

  When you first look at or play Epic Yarn assumptions begin to form about the type of game it is, especially if you're a long-time player. If you look at it, with its baby blue hues, diffuse pinks, and watery turquoise it appears to be made for very young children. If you play it, you understand that there are really no major obstacles in the game and you can't 'die'. At that point, you either decided that this game is not for you or you've dug a little deeper, perhaps out of appreciation...

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Timeless. 2

 How do you follow up Super Mario bros. 3? For many people it was the epitome of the series. It expanded on the classic Super Mario Bros. platforming formula by fleshing out Mario's universe, his special powers, and constantly adding new and inventive level designs that were as joyous as they were challenging. In many ways Super Mario World imitates the very successful SMB3 formula, but it's misleading to assume that it just copies it outright and simply updates the game design graphicall...

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Samus is both detective and futuristic ninja. 0

 *This reads like a post-mortem, rather than a traditional review.    I went into this Metroid with no expectations. I'm always happy to accept that any game series has to evolve and change to keep fresh, so i'm definately not one of those people who are stubborn about 'how things should be'. The Wii is quite a different console to the 'standard', and so the games on it must be made differently. Regarding the controls, I think they were necessary to get that accuracy of movement the series ...

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