$oulcalibur IV

The downloadable content for Namco Bandai's latest offering has already started to show up on the Xbox Live Marketplace and, given how much DLC has been released for the publisher's Ace Combat 6 to date, it seems reasonable to assume that there's lots more to come. Yoda and Vader will almost certainly be released for the PS3 and the 360 respectively, but right now the downloads are limited to music from the original Soul Calibur (you can get the game on XBLA for 800 pts, but the music pack for SCIV costs 1200!) and a small collection of armor items (also from old games in the series) for use in character creation. The item pack is reasonably priced at just 100 pts, though it adds very little to the game and using the items online will likely get you ridiculed rather than revered.

As always, you need to vote with your wallets. If you find this kind of DLC objectionable, don't buy it. For all we know, the popularity of this first wave of DLC might be what determines the asking price for whichever Star Wars character your version of the game is missing. How much is it worth to get a character in that annoying empty box on the character select screen? And if Yoda and Vader sell well, can we expect more downloadable characters for the bonus area to be made available? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the conspicuously absent team battle and tag modes find their way into the game at a premium rate at some point...