2017 Games I Might Buy

This is why I have a backlog.

Also just because the game is on here doesn't mean I'll get it this year, or get it at all. It just means I'm interested in it.

List items

  • The only KH game I've finished is the first one but I'm still interested in playing the rest.

  • I would have been all over this a few years ago, but this year hasn't been a year I've been keen on playing gruesome horror-themed games so I haven't bought this yet.

  • Probably something I should get soon.

  • Sounds interesting. Looks cool. Not sure if I want to finish a game three or four or however many times in a row. I know that each playthrough is different and the later ones are very different, but still...

  • When I get a Switch, I'll probably get this. I've already played a good bit of it on my brother's Switch and had a lot of with it there.

  • Ni-Oh comes first, but sure, I might give it a shot.

  • Again, Switch version, when I get a Switch.

  • It looks great! Will wait for a sale, though, as twin stick shooters are things I tend to get real bored with real quick.

  • Chloe was a pretty cool character and I wound up liking Uncharted 4 way more than I thought I would, so sure. Count me interested in this.

  • Everything about the act of playing Destiny 1 was fantastic. Everything else needed a lot of work. This looks like Bungie is going to deliver on that promise and I'm really interested in it. Will get the PC version

  • I should probably finish the first one first.

  • It looks pretty good so far! I kinda wish it was actually just Metroid 5, but we're getting a 2D Metroid and another Metroid Prime so I'm happy.

  • Should probably play more 6 first at some point.

  • I didn't really get into Assassin's Creed until Syndicate, so... yeah. I'm curious to know what this game does with that formula. Seems like it's not quite the revolution that the series needs, but whatever.

  • The New Order was so good. Such an excellent game. I can't wait for this one.

  • Again, need to buy a Switch first, I think this list might have actually justified that purchase for me.

  • As long as the percentage to hit stat doesn't seem arbitrary like it was in X-Com, sure, I think this looks really cool. Again, Switch purchase might be justified at this point.

  • What does a World War II single player campaign look like in 2017? Does it just look like a modern Call of Duty game, only taking place during World War II? Or is there some nuance to it? I don't know!

  • I wish they had a different name for this. But, hey, it still looks like fun! It will never replace the original for me but I still want to give it a try.

  • This is supposed to come out this year but I don't think there's a release date yet so probably not anytime soon.