The 2017 Backlog

Anything released in 2017 that I have bought but not finished

List items

  • 3DS Version

  • This game's pretty great! I'm on Chapter 4 of 5 so I don't have that much more to go, I'll almost definitely finish it by the end of the year.

  • To be fair, this was never something that I planned on finishing, just something that I planned on playing until my nostalgia ran out. I still have some stuff I want to do in the game, though, and I'm pretty sure I can 100% Crash 2 at least.

  • It's real long. IT'S A REALLY LONG GAME.

  • This is actually my brother's game and not mine, but he finished it and now it's sitting in my room. This is a case of a game that I really, really want to like but for some reason can't get into it when playing it. It sounds awesome on paper but something isn't doing it for me.

  • The combat system here has a lot of neat ideas but I feel like "neat ideas" and "useful skills" need to go hand in hand. Still, I really liked the aesthetic and music so I might return and finish it. I don't think I have that much more to go.

  • I never finished the original FFXII but I really enjoyed what I played, so I bought this and it's the game I'm currently playing.

  • Bought on a Steam sale. Played for two hours. Went back to whatever I was playing at the time. Promised myself I'd return to it.