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    2020 Dad Games Of The Year

    10. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide ClassicsI was thrilled that Nintendo revived Clubhouse Games, one of my favorite DS time-wasters. A pile of classic games, well executed with some adorable window dre...

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    Top 10 games of the '10s

    10. Minecraft: The first video game I played with both of my kids simultaneously. Its value as a limitless virtual Lego set is incredible for our family's creative growth.9. Doom: The best shooter I p...

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    2019 Games Of The Year.

    What's not on this list?Outer Wilds. Maybe I'm a crusty old jerk for giving this game an hour and then tossing it based solely on the clumsy movement and flight controls? All I know is that I was prom...

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    1. Outer Wilds2. The Outer Worlds3. Apex Legends4. Control5. Super Mario Maker 26. Luigi's Mansion 37. Void Bastards8. Resident Evil 2

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    Man, thanks Jeff for sharing the fears and challenges. We had some of those same issues and found it extremely helpful to hear from others that went through it. Congrats to you guys. Super happy for ...

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    dan is like that neighbor kid, when you went to his house to play Ninja Turtles he had like 200 obscure rules about how he had to be Mikey for the first 30 minutes and then he had to rotate turtles e...