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Capped at five posts in one day?

Way to discourage new members who want to actively become part of the community. I mean, I can understand it as a countermeasure to stop spam accounts, but honestly, this is just silly.


Did I ever tell you I HATE pre-order bonus DLC?

I ever tell you that? I FUC KING HATE IT! Why?! Because that sh it's ready day one, and they keep it seperate as a "bonus." Does that sound fair to you? Remember when you used to unlock sh it like that by.... uh... I dunno... PLAYING THE GAME?! Yeah, that's right! Those extra weapons, new character skins, the one little side quest that's over in 15 minutes that gives you a shi tty weapon that's already replaced by something much stronger in the next town over, that stupid little beanie for your XBL avatar, that hipster shirt for your Home character, etcetera etcetera. IT'S ALL BULLSH IT!

And I hate it EVEN MORE NOW! Why? Cuz I turned into a mother fuc king hypocrite!

Just pre-ordered this on when I found out... DUH DUH-DUH-DUH! You can play as STAN LEE! That's right, only available at and Best Buy is a DLC called Stan Lee Adventure Pack! Stan Lee birthed Marvel. I have two items at home signed by the man himself! I LOVE Stan Lee... How could I POSSIBLY pass up this opportunity?

So, apparently I learned something today... every gamer has his/her price...



I went shopping today.

Went to Best Buy today and picked this up.

Didn't really mind the first film. Didn't think it was as bad as everyone said it was. Anyway, I also wanted to pick up Lollipop Chainsaw on the PS3, but they sold out. Huh.. that usually never happens to me there. So, I went to GameStop and found it.

Of course, the clerk was quick to remind me of my lamentation of missing out on pre-order bonuses that I don't care about for not pre-ordering. *shrugs*

Lastly, my main reason to go into GameStop today was to pick up this.

Been wanting this for a while now. I even made a Japanese PSN account to download the demo, which was very very short and didn't really show much of anything. Still awaiting GS's review, but I read GB's review today and I'm a bit concerned about the lack of utilized potential of the game, but I'm sure I'll still have fun with it.


So... what now?

First time revisiting GB since the two sites moved into the same office building a few months back. I'm toying with the idea of making this website my new "home", as I'm a little peeved (well, actually greatly peeved with the lack of initiative to really do anything about it) at their constant bone-headed "upgrades" that break more things wrong with the site than they fix or improve. The community's slowing dying off, and it seems every other day I'm seeing a new blog from a veteran saying they're leaving primarily because of the new comment system. I haven't posted regularly in their forums for some time, and I think their total revamp of their Terms of Service (although at first, it was promising) was an over-corrected reaction to the number of people complaining about the strictness of the moderation. To be honest, I'm just not much of a forum poster in general anymore.

So why do I stick with GS? I still enjoy posting user reviews, but I've noticed you can do that here as well.. Maybe I'm thinking of a weekend project where I migrate my GS user reviews here? Hmm.. maybe continue my blogs here instead and hope the community is a little more respondent to my ... musings, I guess? We'll see... Plus, my favorite reviewers Jeff and Alex are here! G.S. ... Growing Stale? Maybe... it's hard to leave a place you've called home for so many years, you know? But when "home" no longer feels welcome... why stay?


So this is Giant Bomb...

Well, first thing I got to say is that this is first place that required me to upgrade to IE7 as the little sign up pop up wouldn't load right with IE6.  So.. thumbs up for that.  I haven't gotten my feet wet enough to even get familiarized with the layout, but so far, it seems sorta slick.  It's always weird and disorientating joining a new place after you've been in an old one for so many years.  Plan on seeing me around for a little bit as I explore this place and see what they have to have to offer.