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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

These are my 10 favorite games of 2014.

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  • I've always been a Sims fan. While the initial offerings of this game might've seemed rather lackluster, the cleanup of the interface and gameplay they've done actually makes it hard to go back to earlier games.

    Plus Maxis has shown that they are determined to fix issues and add content for free. Having almost spent triple digit hours with this game, this is definitely my favorite of 2014.

  • The original Dark Souls is my favorite game of all time. This sequel, while improving a lot on usability, does not really live up to its predecessor in terms of lore and interesting world. But that is only relative to 1 being my favorite game of all time, this is still an excellent action RPG I spent a lot of time on.

  • I had zero expectations for this one. Bioware started to lose me with Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 was a disappointment as well. They managed to get me back with this open world RPG with interesting characters and fun roleplaying opportunities. The combat and main story are absolutely bland, but the little character moments you get more than make up for it.

  • A wonderfully vibrant color palette, random dungeon layouts and Doom-esque quick fun FPS gameplay. This was a real surprise hit for me. With lots of character unlocks I can keep coming back to this one.

  • I liked Civ V. I liked Alpha Centauri, it is only natural that I would love this game. I think people do not give enough credit to this game, it is slightly more than a mod to Civ V.

    Plus I believe with some expansion packs this game could rival Civ V.

  • Another game that was a huge surprise. Normally I'm not a big fan of shootmans and certainly not Call of Duty. But I got into the multiplayer in a big way with this one, I never even finished the campaign!

  • Having not played a Mario Kart since Double Dash, this was a real return to the franchise for me. The absolutely amazing graphics (which shine especially in the replays) and fun driving antics made me have a lot of fun!

  • Probably the best "sit around with your friends" game released this year. A mind-boggling blend between silliness and serious competition.

  • I've not played a lot of this game yet, but I can already tell that I will like it a lot. Dripping with atmosphere this is a game I look forward to finishing.

  • My childhood was filled with 8-bit Mega Man games, so Shovel Knight was right up my alley. Plus the adorable Troupple fish!

    Taking what was best from those old games and refreshing with modern design sensibilities makes this an absolute classic.