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Spec Ops The Line is a somewhat successful attempt to deconstruct the modern warfare shooter. (Spoilers) 0

This review contains spoilers. I believe that in order to do a thorough examination of a game I need to be able to discuss every part of it. Be warned.The SetupThe actual plot of the game concerns a “Heart of Darkness”-esque trek through Dubai six months after the city has been hit by a massive sandstorm. A Lt. Col. John Konrad (ey?) attempted an evacuation of the city as the storm hit. You are Capt. Martin Walker working alongside 1st Lt. Alphonso Adams and SSgt. Lugo to investigate the city w...

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Fable II is good 0

To review a Peter Molyneux game without mentioning his penchant for outlandish promises and how the game in question doesn't live up to them is heresy. Thankfully, Mr. Molyneux' promises were relatively benign this time around, focusing mainly on gameplay aspects and most of them came true.Fable II continues in the same world (Albion) as Fable I, only several hundred years later, leaving the swords & sorcery Medieval setting behind for a more 18th century feel. This makes for a slightly more...

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