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A mix of Strangehold, POP, Tarantino. Seems ambitious. Might be too ambitious. Still not sure about the title. Seems like some seedy marketing decision to attract a specific type of demographic. Or maybe I'm just dirty like that. See it here.


How to be friends with an industry analyst.

From the latest podcast, it's apparent that people "on the ground" so to speak in the gaming industry has something against industry analyst. In fact, this unspoken dislike has been resonating for a while now. I'm inspiring to be a video game industry analyst, and I really don't want to be hated by  game journalists, especially these four guys running the site. I've been thinking for a while why  this is.

Jeff once said that one industry analyst is proven to be a total idiot when it comes to video games. That's just one though. I'm wondering is there any genuinely good industry analyst who can relate with people in the industry , and not just the shareholders. And if there's none, I want to be one. I can't really figure out why the

Not an actual analyst
Not an actual analyst
analyst don't come to the game journalist when it's clear that they do most of the dirty work when it comes to the industry's ins and outs.

Maybe there is such an person. Thus ensues another problem. These analyst don't have much publicity, and the ones that do is not an ideal role model for a budding analyst. I need someone to look up to.

Or maybe I should consider another career option.