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FPS+Dinos should be unlimited FUN.. But very limited in TUROK 0

Well lets get one thing out right way.. TUROK is not a bad game in any means, neither is it ugly.. Its only that the game feels unfinished in sooo many aspects and thus TUROK finds itself in this mess..In the story mode u play as Joseph Turok an ex of a black ops squad "Wolf Pack" and now part of the commando team called Whiskey Company. Ur primary aim is to track down Rolnd Kane the chief of the Wolf Pack and turok's old mentor.. In the begining itself the ship in which u were travelling is hit...

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Nothing special here.. But worth a rent.. I guess.. 0

Yet another WW II game.. Again some Nazis need to be killed.. Hmm i dont know how many times i have done that.. But i guess this stuff is getting cold and its high time a WW II game releases where u play the Nazis or Hiltler himself.. Well u may wonder if m bugged playing WW II games then why the hell did i buy it.. Well i dint buy it.. Just borrowed it from my friend.. Anywayz bout the game.. As mentioned earlier u need to kill the nazis and ur in the Airborne division ant thus u need to jump o...

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Never felt destruction so satidfying.. 0

Well before i start the actual review i would like to tell that i used hate stratergy games.. I would find ppl who play stratergy games dumb.. SORRY.. But ever since i played COH i just love playing stratergy games.. Now i realize why the stratergy genre ROCKS.. THE REVIEWPROS: Stunning graphicsSimply superb sound effects voice acing with some funny dialogsCompletely destructible environmentBest gameplay till dateGreat multiplayer community CONS: Comparitively long load timesOnly two factionsIss...

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