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Graphics and great core gameplay help overlook a poor story and short campaign 0

Crysis 3 attempts to take the best parts of 1 & 2 and find a nice middle ground between open world and linear exploration. It leans too heavily on the linear side, but the set pieces are great and the graphics are incredible. I enjoyed the moment to moment game play quite a bit, but found the story to lack the complexity that it thinks it has....

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A evolution of a genre that needs bigger change 1

Mark of the Ninja promised me the next evolution of stealth gaming. Instead I found a competent, but boring stealth side scroller. The situational visual and audio clues are well done, but the story and game play are mediocre at best. The fluidity of movement was consistently butting heads with the "sticky" behavior of the characters interaction with the enviornment, leaving the moment to moment gameplay feeling jerky...

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In need of direction 0

The first game was revolutionary for it's great controls, interesting story and great take on the cast of batman characters. The sequel improved the controls but the story fell flat for me. The most enjoyable moments for me were the side missions featuring peripheral batman villains. The decision to make the game set in an open world was a mistake and contributed to me not finishing the game....

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Simplicity begets complexity 0

Anitchamber's aesthetics are just as engaging as they are simple. The way you are forced to change how you think about every puzzle keeps this game entertaining. The "new and clever" feeling from early on in the game makes the middle section drag a little, but the ending makes the journey feel complete....

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An experience that left me wanting for more 0

Proteus's lackluster visuals are off set by the interesting audio and visual cues it uses to convey a sense of place and time. The experience works well with a strong finish, but the lack of interaction with world around you feels like a missed opportunity....

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Incredible old school perfection 0

I played the remake of Space Invaders for the PSP/DS and really enjoyed the new take on a classic. Seeing that it was available for my iPhone incited me to try that version as well. This version of space invaders is probably my favorite and is not to be missed by anyone with an iPhone.  The progression is fantastic with tons of unlockable content and multiple gun types try out and experiment with. The concept of the evolutionary process taking place in the world of space invaders is fun and lead...

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A missed opportunity 0

Borderlands was the underdog coming into this holiday season and while it's sudden rise to power is warranted, it is perhaps a bit over hyped. I really did love the core mechanics of Borderlands, the FPS action with integrated RPG elements works really well and the loot is fantastic. However, the missions and story are incredibly disappointing especially when you consider how cool it could have been. Which is too bad, because this could have been one of the best experiences of the year....

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Zombie Apocalypse 2.0 0

L4D2 does a great job of building off of the first game. Now that the core mechanics are in place adding additional tweaks makes all the difference. The A.I. Director is improved and while the levels look great, I would have enjoyed at least one campaign that was less linear. The new modes are sharp and really do provide some different play styles and time sinks. Overall just another quality game by Valve....

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Good fun, but has an identity crisis 0

I only played this game with the single player in mind. Yes, I know I am probably one in a thousand people who doesn't care about the online play. At any rate I enjoyed the campaign but like I mentioned the game takes itself and settings very seriously at points and then will flip and be an action packed popcorn kind of shooter. Regardless each level in a self-contained perspective is great and well executed....

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