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Welcome to my profile.

I have been around this page for a while without making a profile, but I thought "Hey, why not?".
The reason I am here is because of Jeff Gerstmann. I really like how he reveiws games professionally - I also love his sense of humor and so on. I have followed is work over the years for ever since i can remember, back in the days.

Personally about myself; I am from Scandinavia. I'm pretty busy student with school, so I really don't play much games - Still I enjoy it at sometimes when I am free.
I don't own any of the next-gen consols unfortunately, maybe it because I can't afford anyone or just because I am busy - Maybe both.
Anyway, I still own a Playstation 2 and a gamecube and I really want to complete my collection for them. If should choose one of the next-gen consols, it would be the Xbox360 without a doubt.

Well, thats little about me. I am pretty sure that I will write something later. For now I just want check around the page as I always do.
It just suck to have a really bad internet connection. Anyway, have a good day visiter!