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Losing a Friend I Never Knew

Today I realized how important someone's voice can be. I've listened to every bombcast for the past three years or so, and at the start of just about everyone there's that signature, "Hey everybody! It's TUUUUEEEEESDAY!" It's exuberant and fun and instantly brought a smile to my face every time I heard it. That voice was more than just some guy talking about video games. It was the voice of someone who I only truly realized today that I viewed as a friend. Even if I never met, and even if he didn't know me I could hear his laughter and it would cheer me up even when I was in a dark and shitty mood. Listening to an old bombcast today and hearing his laughter caused me to smile and cry all at once. Such a brutal wave of emotion swept over me. I didn't think the loss of someone I never even met could effect me so dramatically, but it has. It's fitting then that all I have to do is look across Giant Bomb, or hell even twitter, and find that there are so many others that are feeling exactly the same way. It's good to find so many struggling with the same pain and to know it's not an individual struggle we're fighting through. Tomorrow is Tuesday and that voice won't be there to greet me at the end of the day, nor any Tuesday after that. But everything is right at our fingertips to find every single piece of laughter he let loose. It hurts, but at least even in passing he can still make me smile. Thanks Ryan. Rest in Peace good sir.

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