Modern Warfare 2=MOST addicting Shooter ever!

I know  i will probably get heat for this from anyone who reads it because i know for some reason mw2 has this rep, I'm not sure why. I say it's the most addicting because this game even though it is flawed and "broken" as a lot of people would call it, still has an awesome formula. It's a fast paced game that rewards you for being good. I hate this game sometimes because it encourages a lot of "noob" tactics. These things are the reason a lot of people don't play the game anymore, they annoy and frustrate everyone to the point where they cant even stand it, imagine a "Two Piece" in gears x50! That's what being killed by random crap over and over feels like but it doesn't change the fact that the game has a lot of depth and replay value. There aren't a lot of games out there really worth the full price of admission but this game can really keep you hooked! i am still playing it and it is July. Mw2 has a great variety of weapons,unlocks and prestige mode to keep you going. Anyone who maybe didn't give it a shot or stopped playing should really consider jumping back on. If you do send me a message i will play with you, playing this game alone can be really tough and usually turns people off right away. My Gamertag is Kal El Agent47