Week 28 - Wife broke the drums

It has been a good week gaming wise. Managed to finish 3 games and review all of them.
Played games: 
Golden Sun: The Lost Age - GBA 
Finally managed to finish this. Got my view on form of opinion up here as well. 
Aquaria - PC 
Got some more time to play this and got a review of this as well here. Really mediocre game. 
Monkey Island 2 - XBLA 
Did a speedrun with no hints to get a S-rank. Also reviewed the game.
Rock Band - Xbox 360 
Had to play some more Epic and Detroit Rock City  + some drums

Uncharted 2 - PS3  
Haven't used PS3 in while so forgot all about the daft mandatory patches. It was 8 patches that had to be installed before I got to play. My first ever  play through.
The Witcher - PC 
After the great Sapkowski book I read on my holidays I wanted to get this game as well. Got the patches up to 1.5 which is the same as SE version if I understood correctly. 
Blood of Elves - Book 
Speaking of Sapkowski, got his second book that has been translated to English. Haven't started this yet. 
Rock Band drum set - Xbox 360  
Zavvi, a UK based entertainment retail had a crazy sale for official RB drum sets, only £11. Can't really so no for that price. So got myself these and blasted through the RB  career on easy difficulty on. For a guitarist (not just plastic) it is really different and interesting. Did get only two sessions and today when I tried to play some more the drums didn't work anymore. Won't get recognised when plugging in. My wife was already complaining that the drums were loud so I am putting the blame on her :)