Week 34-35 - Dear f***ng diary

Games played
Mafia 2 - Xbox 360
I thought that this was amazing. Finished the game day after I got the game. Could not just put it down. Started game today on Hard difficulty. Also want to find all the Playboy magazines.

Art of Balance - Wiiware
Great small balance game. Got 100% on the game after few weeks.

Blue Dragon - Xbox 360
Not as good as Lost Odyssey but still really nice game. Just about to finish first disc I think. Been bit sparing this because the disc 2 I got is scratched. Tried fixing it at the Gamestation and with the disc repair kit, but it only made it worse. Just bought the game again on Ebay today.

Dead Rising: Case Zero - XBLA
Was not planning to get this. But after seeing how cool it looked from the Giantbomb's QL had to get it. And money well spent.

ACDC Live: Rock Band - Xbox 360
New month and new rhytm game for me. Well this is really not a full game, just a track pack. Also sucks that it is live songs. ACDC are good live band, but it is not so much fun playing some these extended drawn-out versions. Still first ever RB/GH that I finished on Hard. I usually review all the games that I play, but not rhytm games.

Games purchased:
Batman & Robin
Batman: Gotham City Racer
Both for Playstation 1. Have had a strange Batman wibe going on recently. Probably from triggered by the newArkham City screens. These should be decent games. 

Dead Rising: Case Zero
Rock Band ACDC Live

Random Youtube video here. This song is been in my head all freaking day. Not even the best ACDC song there is. At least this version is better than the one in the game.. track pack.