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My all time favourite games

Here is list of my all time favorite games. Not really in order, except for the 1st one

List items

  • This my all time number 1 game. Would donate a kidney for a remake.

  • My first proper console game and been fan of Sonic games ever since this. OK not counting the 3D ones.

  • This was the first ever RPG I played and been fan of the genre ever since that. Should try to play this again. Or the 3D remake/mod.

  • This is a such a beautiful game. Might be difficult, but so rewarding.

  • IMO the first Mafia had the best story in a game. PC version was of course superior to the console versions.

  • This is a perfect JPRG.

  • Probably the MMO I've played most. Keep coming back to this now and then. Currently not subscribing and doubt that I have time for it anymore. At one point was even running multiple accounts.

  • I liked the 2D GTA's as well, but the 3D one was just amazing. Still remember majority of Liberty City by heart.

  • Even better than GTA 3 because of the 80's feel. Yes I am 80's child.

  • This game might look odd in this list, but I really really like this game. Don't know how many sleepless nights I lost because of this.

  • My first introduction to a proper sports game. This was the game in our old Mega Drive that got played the most. Even still today remember the team Detroit had back then.

  • The more recent PES or FIFA haven't managed to capture the essence as well as this did. The PS2 is the correct version to play, not that shoddy Xbox 360 version. Remember even practising this because we had tournements at work during the breaks.

  • Best Western game there is. Didn't care for the zombie addon too much. Game is not so old, but I keep on coming back to this now and then just to experience New Austin.

  • Can't come up with any praise words for this excellent title.

  • C64 was the platform I grew up with. (And Mega Drive). This platformer hits just the correct nostalgia nerves.

  • I am big Batman fan and this no doubt a best current gen console game for me. Didn't really care for the sequel for some reasons.