Game of The Year 2013 Users Choice

I play old games and these are the ones I loved to completion in 2013.

I didn't submit this to GB's user voting. This list was created from memory in 2014 because I kept remembering games I loved while building my 2014 list and I needed a place to honour them.

List items

  • The Walking Dead tells story that really spoke to me with characters I felt invested in. While it has technical problems (animation, interaction, etc), it's still a great experience.

  • A brief, but amazing example of narrative.

  • I assumed Gone Home would top this list, but it doesn't have quite the power of Walking Dead or the succinctness of Thirty Flights of Loving. However, the story it tells feels more integral to the game (since it's mostly experienced) than most games in memory.

  • The prequel to Thirty Flights of Loving is a bit rougher and less flashy, but still a great way to deliver narrative.

  • Shank may not have been well-loved, but I liked it and don't have much else to put on this list.