Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

I don't play a lot of games, but when I do they're old. These are the games I played, completed, and adored in 2014.

Submitted for GOTY user voting but not "What did we miss?"


Broken Age is not on this list because it's not complete.

List items

  • I love puzzle games and The Swapper managed to be difficult but not contrived. The atmosphere and visual design are spectacular. Easily #1.

  • Amazing. Brothers' control scheme, varied worlds with implied backstory, and story make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Played most of it in 2013, but completed it in early 2014. Amazing. Hotline Miami and the other top three stand far above the other games.

  • Some parts of the game didn't sell me but it had me with the ending.

  • I liked this game far more than I expected. I hit something like 93% completion and I hate filler content in open world games. Grabbing shards and territory really felt like I was gaining power and then I powered through the plot once I had cleared most of the first island.

  • Fantastic stealth game that lets you be deadly or focus hard on silence. First time I've played much New Game+ on a game.

  • I love playing games with an interesting and useful AI partner. While this game's atmosphere is a letdown relative to the original Bioshock, I still enjoyed the story.

  • Great story and gameplay even if the camera couldn't stop shaking.

  • Lots of great and dumb humour.

  • Secrets of Raetikon isn't a fantastic game, but it's a pretty game with an interesting no-hand-holding free-form aesthetic.