Game of the Year 2015 Users Choice

These are games I enjoyed in 2015. This is nearly a complete list of what I played. I've omitted Portal Stories: Mel (it's not in the GB database), Metro 2033 (I stopped playing out of frustration and it's not GOTY), Shank 2 (fun but not GOTY), Papo & Yo (interesting but mechanical failures and storytelling lulls keep it from GOTY).

List items

  • Completed the Remastered version on ps4 in 2014, but after I finalized my list so it's here for 2015. This game is an amazing experience that puts you in a well realized world with interesting characters that seem more real than ever before.

    The Last of Us stuck with me for days after the end and is the most mainstream "art game" I've ever played. Instead of pure entertainment, it pushes you to feel and to think about what you've done.

    One of my favourite games in recent memory.

    The Left Behind DLC is also pretty great and tells a separate but intertwined story. It's an interesting parallel between Joel and Ellie. The ending is powerful, but not quite the same as the main game. It's interesting how they make you feel.

  • Broken Age is beautiful, well acted, nicely animated, funny, and everything else you could want in an adventure game.

  • Fantastic story with bad gamepad controls.

  • Don't think about it too much and just play this game. So long as you can handle moving around in first person, can listen to audio, and have 20 minutes it's worth playing.

  • I never beat the final boss, but I don't think I ever will. This game has great silent storytelling, puzzling, and exploration, but it gets horribly difficult. At first it's just the bosses, but then some of the platforming becomes vindictive (the floating electrical shaft). I don't like hard games, but I enjoyed this. Too bad I can't complete it.