Great games of 2020

Games I loved in 2020. Likely includes older games.

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  • I kept coming back to Carrion. It held my attention all the way through to the end.

    The art is really good. Some of it looks weirdly non pixel art (like they converted 3D models), but generally it's beautiful and stylish. I love the mech reticles and the tentacles.

    The movement feels sooooo gooood. I hope I can make a game that moves this well one day. I just love traversing around rooms. And being a (nearly) unstoppable monster. The game is not too difficult (although I died a handful of times), but I think that works really well with the you-are-a-monster concept.

    I got a little lost sometimes, but since it's usually not important to backtrack and you generally pop out with a good idea of where to go, it wasn't a problem. Probably wouldn't be fun to try to 100% this game.

    Some of the level design fell apart a bit near the end (either it was less clear where to go or I just wasn't confident I was going the right way). The end felt like it was missing build up. I went somewhere to explore around, had a boring sequence, and done!

    One of the best games I've played in years.

  • Following different plot threads and relationships were well-written and while at times it felt like the main thread could be a Twine game, there was something enjoyable about travelling around the island and bumping into people.

    By the end, I was thinking of characters as friends -- helping them through their problems helped me connect to them.

    An adventure game with not much puzzle, but a fun and heartfelt journey.

  • Intro to Sunset Overdrive really grabbed me. Ran the game to test something (planned to play later) and played through tutorial to my apartment before I forced myself to bed. Enjoyed the tone and traversal combat.

    By the end, I definitely got a bit open-world weary, but the game tried to help by having my character suggest I fast travel.

    Excalamune sequence was awesome!

    Wish the grind for weapons wasn't so steep, so many I didn't try.

  • The race to space was a lot of fun -- so much novelty and fun to explore, get lost, and desperately search for your way back to your base. I played alone so progression became a chore after making it to space. But when Brad and Vinny dug down to the subterranean levels (Apr 22 episode of Astroneering), I was motivated to get a rover and a drill and dig. After 42 hours, I can make almost everything, lost half my rover to the centre of the planet, and don't feel that there's much left for me.

    The finicky controls (especially for gamepad) make the game very frustrating to repeat actions you've done before, so setting up new bases doesn't have the charm it once had.

  • Just started and I love the atmosphere and monologues. Combat is clearly directing me toward the powers and I look forward to getting more.

    Getting that flying power was amazing. It feels so good.

    Lost my save when my computer was serviced and haven't gone back.

  • I was away from playing games on a TV haven't come back to this game. I'm supposed to be ready to go after Ganon, but with no plot points pushing me there, I'm reluctant. That means I have less desire to go back and finish it.

  • My first score chase competition with my son. He's still better at this game than me.

  • Haven't played through the campaign because I got stuck on a hard level, but I've enjoyed a lot of the user-created content with my kids.

  • I was away from my main gaming rig for a while and haven't come back to this game.