Haven't been playing much games

I still love my video games. Giantbomb is still one of my favorite websites and I still continue to read over it when I have the time. With that being said, lately I've become more interested in things unrelated to games.  I've even thought about getting rid of the Xbox360 and just keeping the PS3 as my sole gaming console. My PC will always be able to perform but that's different to me.  
It's strange because I still enjoy the games, but right now at this point in my life I'd rather put my time, money, and energy into something slightly more rewarding then headshotting a 13 year old on live.


Assassin's Creed 2 bug - absolutely hilarious

 The meeting
 The meeting
So I'm searching for some codex pages and stuff, hitting roof to roof as anyone would, then I run into this odd bug:
 I tried to nab a few pictures with my cellphone (sorry for the quality of these) to show this off, it was pretty crazy.
No Caption Provided

 This was slowing the game down to probably 3 FPS unfortunately, so it was barely playable. Interesting though all the same.  Anyways, It's hard to tell from the pictures but these guys were doing a Jonestown-esque mass suicide from the rooftop, it was dramatic but really topped off the experience
The following might be considered graphic and not suitable for children:
No Caption Provided
Well now I'm going to try to deal with the 3 FPS and loot these jokers. Doubtful I'll be able to get far with it, it's sooooo slooow.

So I finally got MAG

I've been looking forward to this game for quite a while now, and just not got around to actually purchasing it. Funny thing happened when I was at Gamestop to get it. 
Me: I'd like MAG, please 
GS Employee: For PS3? 
Me: *blank stare a moment* No, Xbox. 
The manager got a kick and started to laugh, the guy who asked the question got pissed off. I went further and told him if he could get me it on Xbox I'd rather that, as I could resell it for 10X the amount I got it for. Oh well, I thought it was funny. 


Football Season!

Yeah I can't wait for some football, it's my favorite time of year. Oddly enough though, I'm not really looking forward to Madden coming out. I'm sure I'll get it because it comes out on payday and I'll be at 4 different Wal-Marts that day, but for whatever reason I'm getting burned out on the $60 yearly fee to play the updated Maddens.


Do I care about cellphone games?

Well, about a year ago I would of said "hell no" but with the iPhones success I must say I've started to develop a liking towards these mobile games. That being said, I still don't really give a shit about the games.  I tend to stick away from the big name games (Metal Gear, Assassins Creed, etc) and stick to the easy puzzle games.  

Normally all I want to do is kill some time with a cell phone game, not become entrapped into some story.

And update on me

Well the past few weeks have been nothing short of hectic. I knew I was about to get layed off from my job, which is complete and utter bullshit, but knowing that I got proactive and found myself a new job. I'm now a coke dealer ;-)  Coca-Cola hired me as a merchandiser, I should be starting next week. I get a $3 per hour raise, so in the end it's definitely a good move on my half. 

 I'm still going back in the Army, but I've decided to go the easy way this time. First time I joined, as some might know, I did the Infantry route. Now this time I've picked up my trumpet again and decided to go into the Army Band. I used to be pretty good back in high school, but that was many years ago, so it's a process of rebuilding my chops to be able to perform again. I should be fine, my private lesson instructor said that I should have no problem getting in. I'm fortunate because I live 20 minutes from the Armed Forces School of Music, meaning I can go up there to meet people. Face time is a good thing, if they recognize me and like me, there's a good chance they'll accept me.

As for gaming, I've been trying out Crackdown for the first time. It's not as bad as I initially thought, once you start getting agility orbs it starts to get better. The control system is kind of wacky, but once you learn to leap that hurdle all is okay. It did spark more interest in Saints Row 2 again, I guess the sandbox aspect of it all attracted me back to the other game.

Yesterday Battlefield 1943 came out but it may as well of came out today. I hardly played any of it because of EA not having enough servers.  That's a pretty shitty excuse in my book, but hey - it is what it is.  What little time I did play I really enjoyed. I do see the 3 (4) maps not being enough, but hopefully with all the attention the game has gotten at launch they realize the people still want to play it!  We'll have to wait and see.

Two nights ago, my band nerdiness came out in full force. I went to the local DCI show in Suffolk, VA. DCI is 'marching musics major league.'  All kids 21 and under that are pretty damn good at playing their instruments. Watching them brought me back to when I marched back in 1997. It was a one of a kind experience. to make it even more enjoyable, the corp that I marched with, Carolina Crown, won 1st place.  Beating the ever popular Cadets of Bergen County, or as they are being called this year - Holy Name Cadets. It's so awesome to watch them do good. I had a blast.  I'll leave this blog with a video of what DCI is.

Here is a DCI Drumline: 

And here is a brass warmup in DCI

And finally, here is what they do when together on the football field:

Man I'm such a nerd, this shit get's me so amped. I love DCI!

It was really 12 days


I know by internet standards this is probably considered old news, but I feel like finally getting some stuff off of my chest. Six days in Fallujah was dropped by Konami because of the contraversy that surrounded it. 

I'll start off by mentioning that I was in the Army Infantry for 4 years.  The unit I belonged to was A Co.  2-2 INF, arguably the best damn unit in the Army's history. ;) 

Anyways, when Fallujah popped off we were stationed about an hour away from there, but rumor started floating around that they were going to call us up for the fight. We were itchy, we couldn't wait for the opportunity to engage into a real battle. Aside from Baritz (spelling) and Baqubah, every other fire fight we had was reacting to an ambush or reacting to an IED. Other then that we waited anxiously for the fight to come to us. So with the rumor floating around that Fallujah was a hotbed still, and that the higher-ups were planning an offensive attack, we prayed they would let us into the fight. After all, that's what we joined the Infantry for. Sure it sounds crazy, but that's a different story. Infantrymen are a different breed of human, they don't run from the fight- they pray for it.

Fallujah was the largest military operation I was ever a part of. This game that was going to be released was about the Marines. As soon as I heard that I was already against it.  1st platoon of A. Co (Army) spearheaded the mission.  When the ground invasion began they were the first people to kick down a door and hit the rooftops. There's actually a book written by a friend of mine, SSG Bellavia explaining this, it's not some huge secret.  Konami just chose to not mention ALL of the facts.

Well the reason I was against it was because of all the losses that we suffered while in the battle. We lost our Seargant Major due to sniper fire, our Commanding officer from a home raid, his replacement our Executive Officer (whom i'm kicking myself for not remembering how to spell his name) got killed with a rpg through the chest.  Vandayburg, a friend of mine also got an RPG in the neck.  It's overwhelming to try to think of them all. Too many people were killed those days, and it really bothered me that Konami wanted to publish a video game glorifying anything close to that.  I understand that the intentions were to try to get people to understand what real war is like, but nobody will know what its like to lose so much in such little time. When a unit loses it's chain of command, that's so demoralizing it's hard to explain.  

What sucks the most is I feel like such a hypocrite.  I love COD4/WaW - yet I'm against this because it hit too close to home. I contradict myself with my own gaming preferences. I'm not upset that the game got cancelled, not in the least bit. Too many brave soldiers AND marines died there, and I don't want to glorify any of that.  

Now before I started writing all this I had it all prepared in my head, after I started going through some memories it's all somewhat lost to me now. It angers me that the Marines are (typically) going to get all the glory from a fight that we shared. Oh well, it's a cold world - I should get a jacket.

Anyone that's interested, the book written by Bellavia is absolutely amazing and it's easy to read.  I highly recommend it.  It focuses on his platoon rather than mine, but understandably so.  They were in the thick of it, I was just on the roof tops.

War is not pretty, it's unpredictable and unscripted. Even the most trained can fall in battle.  Godbless the fallen soldiers and marines, they motivate me to be a better person today.

Battlefield Heroes "Cannot find build" fix -- i think

I see I wasn't the only person to have this problem, and I just finished downloading it so here's what I did to fix it.  

First thing I did was cleared the cookies, but I think the problem wasn't so much that.

Using the link in the article that was posted by Ryan seems to be what we most likely all have in common.   
Instead, goto http://www.battlefield-heroes.com and log in using your EA information.  Then clicking on play now -should- start the download.  

Make sure to scroll down to the end of the user agreements before you click OK. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.  

I'm pretty sure the most important part is making sure you are logged into your EA Account.  If I can help I will, but I'm computer-stupid.  But when I did all of the above, I got it working for me.  Hope it helps.

My summer plans

It's really hard to say.  I'm more then likely about to be laid off from my current crap job, so eventually I'll be looking for another crap job over the summer.  I refuse to go back to roofing, not in the heat, no way no how.  Luckily my pops is a manager at Coca~Cola, so he should be able to give me a hook-up into some other department,  It'd only be seasonal though, which is okay because by the end of the summer I'll be reenlisting back into the Army.  

I guess the most obvious answer would be "playing games" but I do that anyways.  I do, however, plan on mass consumption of alchoholic beverages and many cookouts to exploit the consumption intentions.  

A seperation in the gaming audience? Perhaps it is true.

As I read over the forums here, and at other websites, I’ve noticed the communities seem to think that releasing a sequel early could potentially split its audience in two.  I can agree with this, but in my opinion there is already a split that far exceeds that of just releasing another product. 

First off I’d like to point out that when people buy a game, they’ve paid for what’s on the disc, not what could come out later on.  If you spend money (and let’s face it $60 is a hunk of change), your money went towards the costs of developing until that point in time.  Of course, sometimes we get lucky as gamers and the developers/publishers sometimes give us more free stuff.  Are they obligated to doing that?  No.  But this is off of my own topic; I’m here to speak about the split in the gaming audience.

There was a time before the internet.  It was before games had constant bug fixes updates, it was before the infamous acronym DLC.  You got what you paid for, and generally you were happy with that purchase.  Of course there are exceptions to every rule.  But generally speaking, you were naturally excited for when a new game would hit the shelves.  Now we live in a generation where a game is usually updated right when you pop it into the machine. When I recently purchased a game on release day, the first thing I had to do was to wait for an update to download before I could play it.

The split is the most obvious one, generation gaps.  Some of us started playing recently, and thus have developed some sort of mentality that when you buy a game you deserve more than what is on the disc. While others, some of whom have been playing games since the old Atari 2600 days don’t necessarily see things that way.  They know that what they’ve bought is what they get, and anything extra is an added bonus. This argument, of course, doesn’t apply to everyone. Some gamers have valid reasons for anger towards a particular product being released to soon, but had that same product been released 15 years ago – the complaint wouldn’t have even existed, because you wouldn’t expect anything more than what you already paid for.

Gamers who started playing on the newer systems, and by “new” I mean anything with an internet connection, have gotten spoiled with their ‘self-entitlement’ of gaming. Feeling as if they are owed more than what they already paid for.  Gamers of the older generations generally don’t see things that way.  Now as I’ve said, 3 times already in this blog post, there are exceptions to every rule. But that’s why I say we’ve gotten spoiled as gamers.  Constantly releasing DLC seems to do a great job of keeping people playing a game, but it’s also seemed to make people think that they deserve extra content. 

I love when they release new map packs, or more extra content, but I don’t feel as if anyone is obligated to do so. When I gave my money to the company for a game, that’s what I got.  I can accept that and be happy with it.  Anything extra is great, but not mandatory. 

So as I’ve said, in my most humble opinion, the gaming audience is split between generations. Some grew up not even knowing what an update was until recently, while others have grown to know a game is only as good as its first update. 

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