Lets get one thing straight...revised edition

I generally hate almost all the french people i have ever met, whether it be online, or elsewhere most of the time they just seem like asses,even with that I'll admit Ubisoft is a pretty damn good game publisher, although recently there dwindling a bit but one of my favorite ps2 games ( Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon) is in the news because of the Georgian-Russian conflict going on...read here

So what's your take on it? Really, if the real world unfolds like the game it will lead to the shortest world war ever.
If we aid georgia russia will percieve it as a threat and "accidentely" attack US forces, we, in our all mighty wisdom will declare war on russia, now IIRC russia and iran declared a defensive pact a while back, now i know iran isent as big and bad as they say they are, last i checked almost all of there military is made up of conscript soldiers with little to know training and there Airforce uses left over f-15 from us. now iran does have the advantage of the terrain on there hands, but a well organised attack between UK, Germany (yeah right), france and other countries in the area, russia on the other hand might straight up go nuclear  on our asses, infact they have given the order to nuke us in the past but for some reason dident. wow....this went off topic fast, anyway sorry for those of you i offended before, mabye the french people i met were from paris.