Best of 2009

Out_On_Bail: Best of 2009

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  • Great story, great graphics, great gameplay, great multi-player. What more can be said?

  • It wouldn't be a Best of '09 list without this game in there somewhere. Online glitches aside, this game is still fun as hell.

  • Finally, a new IP with a great concept and awesome gameplay. I loved this game and hope it ranks well with the other users of giantbomb. Even if it doesn't, in my heart it was awesome.

  • Awesome game that I completely adored. We need more Batman games like this!

  • This is the sleeper hit of 2009. I wish it got more publicity but in the end that doesn't matter. It was a great game.

  • This took everything from 2 and made it 100% better. This was the best racing sim all year long.

  • Another new IP that was great fun. I really enjoyed the story and the concept.

  • This game started off '09 on a good note. The DLC kept me coming back and finally we could get off the skateboard. The walking bit was a tad 'janky' but the concept was great.

  • Mike Tyson. That should be enough to warrant a vote out of anyone. Oh, the game was fun too!